When you rent a car, whether a luxurious one in Dubai or an SUV somewhere in the US, you want to find a vehicle that you can rely on. You never know when you might encounter unexpected problems, though. Your best bet is to be familiar with how to handle common problems so that you don’t end up in a panic with your rental. 


Let’s take a look at several common problems that people face that you can actually take care of more easily than you probably think.


Removing grit


Interestingly, exterior detailing is something that is surprisingly easy to handle yourself. The last thing you want is to rent a car that becomes super gritty during the course of your rental, and then have to return it looking all grimy. There are actually ways that you can take care of this yourself without having to blow large amounts of money at the auto shop. 


The first thing you should do is give the car a good rinse. Then get a microfiber cloth and cover the surface of the car as carefully as possible. Microfiber cloths are much more powerful than they look; they can actually remove most of the grit that accumulates on your car. When you’re done, give it another good rinse and then wipe it dry.


Advanced washing techniques


There are different kinds of washes that will do different things for your car. In general, there are three main categories of washes:


  1. General use cleaners for an overall clean
  2. Wash and wax, which adds a thin layer of wax on your car that remains there in between visits
  3. Strip shampoos, which remove everything that might be stuck to your car


You can actually take care of these processes by yourself. Buying the right kind of cleaners and learning how to add wax in a thin and even manner is something you don’t have to be a professional to do right. With strip shampoos, you should be very careful and be sure to wear gloves that cover your whole forearms. If you go through these processes before returning your rental, your car will be in top shape when you return it.

Treating scratches


Scratches that come about during the course of a rental can be terrifying. You might immediately have images of racking up high charges. However, there are ways to deal with this. 


The secret lies in getting the right scratch repair kit. Scratch repair kits take fine abrasives to smooth out the edges of a scratch, then gradually blend the clear coat together. If done correctly, this will allow the ridge created by the scratch to be filled so that the scratch can’t be seen anymore. Then you can be confident that your rental will not be subject to extra charges.

Protecting wheels and trim


You can also make efforts to protect your wheels and trim so that they aren’t subject to unexpected problems when you rent your car. You can polish the rims and apply a treatment to plastic trim, as well as badging and tires. 


Look for shine-enhancement products that are created specifically for these parts. If you take the time to protect them before you head out in your rental car, you will be in much better shape during your ride and won’t have to worry about small bumps and problems.

Fear not, it’s all in your hands


Even if you don’t consider yourself a “car” person by nature, many aspects of car detailing and handling small repairs can be surprisingly easy to do yourself. All you need is a few materials, and to follow the right instructions. Then you can take care of that spectacular rental of yours both preventatively and in case it runs into minor issues.

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