It’s a common misconception that the cleanliness of a car is all about the shining interior and exterior. The cleanliness of your car is also linked to how it smells. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if someone gets in your car and later tells others that your car smells foul!

It’s actually easier to keep your car smelling fresh. We have listed eight proven tips that will help you banish your car’s bad smells and provide an ever-fresh smell – let’s dive in!


1.      Remove dust from air vents

Air vents in your car play a vital role in keeping the air fresh. Over time, the piling-up dust and bacteria on the air vents can decrease air quality and cause a bad odor. A simple thing you can do is clean the air vents from time to time.

You don’t have to visit a car service center to clean the air vents. Just pick a cotton swab or a thin sponge to clean any visible debris on the air vents to let fresh air inside your vehicle.


2.      Don’t smoke in your car

Nobody loves to breathe the foul smell of cigarettes. You can easily avoid the bad odor in your car by deciding not to smoke in your car again. In addition to the bad smell, experts believe that around 4000 deadly chemicals are present in cigarette smoke that can lead to serious healthcare issues.

But what if you can’t quit smoking in cold turkey? In such a case, switch to vaping as vaping products have a pleasing smell. You should have a vape that does not leak, so you don’t have to remove any leaked vaping liquid.


3.      Keep coffee beans in your car

Coffee beans have an amazing smell other than their amazing and energizing taste. These beans can easily trap bad odors in your car and leave your car free of bad air. It’s easier to place some coffee beans in your car.

All you need is a mesh bag or a paper bag in which you can put some coffee beans. You can place these beans under your car seats. After seven days, it’s important to replace the old coffee beans with newer ones, so your car keeps smelling fresh.


4.      Install an essential oil diffuser

Aromatherapy is an affordable option that can keep your car smelling fresh. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are not costly, and you only need a few drops of essential oil in your car.

Buy an essential oil diffuser to enjoy the fresh smell anytime you want. You can place some cotton balls coated with a few drops of essential oils if you don’t want to buy a diffuser.


5.      Place some baking soda

You might already know about baking soda if you love to cook foods or have the habit of reading the food packaging sachets.

Many people don’t know that baking soda has the additional benefit of being a natural deodorizer. You can sprinkle some baking soda underneath your seats and floor mats to keep your car smelling fresh without spending a lot of money.


6.      Vacuum your car regularly

The foul smell can get trapped in the upholstery and your car’s carpets. A simple thing you can do to clean your car from such odors is to use a vacuum cleaner.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is easier to use and allows you to clean your car, but you can rely on the good old vacuum cleaner if you don’t have a cordless one lying in your home.

7.      Remove dust from floor mats

Floor mats add style and comfort to your car, but they can also become a source of foul odor. You should wash the floor mats timely to ensure that you get rid of any dust trapped.

Use the garden hose to easily remove the dirt from vinyl floor mats or switch to a washing machine if you have fabric floor mats in your car.


8.      Place a portable trash can

Scattered trash in your car can make your car smell bad. Having a portable trash can in your car can ensure that your car is free from trash and you don’t drop anything out of the window.

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