Car ownership is at the basic line of our needs, as it gives us the freedom of movement. Car maintenance, however, limits our financial abilities, as new car parts are expensive and hard to find, reaping off the owner’s wallet. Such a dilemma can be resolved with the help of car junkyards.


Car junkyards offer price-friendly car parts for any make of car, satisfying their customers and caring about the environment along the way. Let’s explore how they function.



What is a Car Junkyard?

A car junkyard (auto salvage) is the practice of selling unwanted, used, and wrecked cars, and their components. It is the ultimate form of a car’s ‘soldability’, as despite its condition, it is taken to pieces which are later refurbished, sold and recycled.


Salvage are usually the cars taken off the road because of technical problems due to age or accidents. What regular citizens see as ‘dump-wanted’ material, is a treasure for car companies and mechanics, as junkyards allow them to find spare parts for other cars at an available price.

How Does a Junkyard Work?

At a junkyard facility, there are a few stages of work:


  1. Preparation – at the very first stage, the car should be drained from liquids to prevent their leakage when the car is disassembled. The gas tank, battery and tires should also be removed and resold or refurbished.


  1. Disassembling – after the initial stage, the remaining parts are examined at the yard to assess their importance and level of usability. Depending on the yard owner the further steps may differ. Some yard owners prefer to remove, polish and sell all the parts themselves – online or offline; while there are also companies who list the available details on their website allowing customers to take all the parts manually.


  1. Ultimate recycling – once all the usable parts are taken away, the frame and body of the car can be crushed and further recycled.

Benefits of Car Junkyards

1.   Affordability

One of the most notable advantages is the low pricing of the car parts. Everyone who has ever needed to buy spare parts for a car knows how expensive they are. Yet, those who are on a tight budget can benefit from junkyards, buying details in a good or fixable condition. Moreover, it is possible to buy the whole car at an affordable price. Usually, they are sold at the auction, as at byron junkyard, which is also a good opportunity for those needing a car but lacking funds for it.

2.   Versatility of the vehicles

Car junkyards give access to a wide selection of car parts regardless of the country of their origin. This option is particularly useful for those having foreign makes of car, as their parts are usually a lot more expensive in the stores.

3.   Rare Vehicle Spare Parts

Junkyards give life to the old and rare cars, as by tracking the stock the car owners can find suitable parts that are no longer manufactured.

4.   Eco-approach

Junkyards function as the last stage of the car’s life cycle. Apart from providing customers with affordable yet usable car details, it also reduces the number of cars at the landfills, lowering the environmental impact.

How to Buy Car Parts at the Junkyard?

  1. Outline your needs – junkyards are huge, as well as the selection. It is important to stay focused, as there is a high chance of buying unnecessary things.


Before going to the junkyard, do a little research. Check for the parts you need online, and make notes of other compatible variants. When in the place, it will help to narrow down the search, and allow you to find the right parts.


  1. Choose from a reputable junkyard – junkyards should have a license that allows them to keep the facility and sell the car parts. All the legal information and permissions should be presented at the website.


It is also important to check if the company adheres to the ethical practices, which can easily be monitored with the help of internet reviews.


  1. Check for return policies – return policy is a good backup option, as some parts may end up being incompatible or faulty. Look for appropriate information on the website.


  1. Use your own tools – if you are good at mechanics, bring your own tool set to remove the parts as carefully as possible.


  1. Do the testing – reliable junkyards will offer a testing function to ensure the relevant quality of the details; not everything can be tested right there, though.


  1. Consider safety – a car junkyard is an optimal place for finding the car parts, yet, within certain limits. Brake systems, airbags, tires and others ensure your safety on the road. Therefore, invest in new parts for the critical car system, regardless of their price.


In conclusion, the car junkyard is a good choice for those who require affordable car parts. With a myriad of options, everyone can find the details they need to give their own cars a new life. Check for a reputable car junkyard, with a license and a set of values, to ensure the safety of your interactions.



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