Early winter is quite a difficult time for the motorist. Unstable weather, frequent temperature changes, strong winds, wet roads – it’s like a game of roulette in TonyBet UK, you never know how all this will affect your vehicle and what difficulties in-car operation this time of year may lead to. However, there are a few tips to help keep your car in good condition this season.

Body Condition

After summer, it is more likely that the surface of the car will have defects in the paint coating (paintwork). As a rule, they are scratches or chips. These defects should be removed before the fall since the penetration of moisture in these “wounds” of paintwork will lead to the accelerated growth of corrosion.

There are three ways to help deal with auto corrosion:

  • A chipping pencil, which can paint over small scratches on the surface of the paintwork. You can buy it in our auto store;
  • Spray cans that contain paint to match the color of the body;
  • Hard wax, which is applied to the car body and reliably protects it from rust.

Interior Condition

Fall is also a time when the temperature outside the car window is quite unstable. This instability can cause a number of problems in the car’s interior. One of these problems is increased humidity. In order to avoid problems caused by high humidity, the first thing to do is to remove unnecessary items that can collect moisture from the cabin. Such items are pillows, plaids, fabric mats, etc.

It is necessary to pay attention to the cabin filter. Before the beginning of the fall season, it is necessary to check its performance, as well as to replace the filter cloth.

Some car owners, when they see that a lot of leaves have collected on the glass of their car, do nothing, thinking that the leaves cannot harm the car, but this is not true. The fact is that wet leaves can block the water drain tube from the vent. This threatens to both get water into the cabin and break the system itself.


You should be especially attentive when checking the car’s electrical wiring. If water gets on a damaged wire, the whole electronic part of the car may break down. To prevent this from happening, it is worth inspecting all the wires used in the car.


The condition of the wheels in the fall should be monitored at all times. This should be done for the following reasons:

  • Seasonal cold weather in the fall will cause a decrease in tire pressure. This will cause increased fuel consumption, and the risk of getting into an accident, as it is much harder to drive with deflated tires than with tires with normal pressure. In addition, there is a risk of damaging important parts of the vehicle when driving on rough roads.
  • As you know, during the first fall of ice, the roads begin to be covered with various chemicals. Because of this, it is recommended that you inspect your wheel rims for scratches or other defects. Getting reagents on the defect can cause the development of corrosion.
  • It is also recommended that you change your car’s tires from summer to winter as early as fall. You should not wait until it snows, because the traction of the wheels

in cold weather will be considerably reduced.


You should pay special attention to the headlights. If they will often fog up, then you are guaranteed to burn out the bulbs in your car soon. In order for your headlights to stop misting, you should firstly check the tightness of their fastening.

In addition, fogs often appear in autumn. Therefore it is worth checking the functionality of fog lights. Also, it is necessary to adjust the headlights. They should illuminate the road well, but at the same time not blind oncoming cars.

The Right Driving Style

Finally, it’s worth mentioning your driving style. In rainy autumn weather, the speed of your vehicle should be lower by about a third than under the same conditions in summer. The fact is that on wet asphalt the braking distance increases many times, along with this significantly reduces the controllability of the car.

It is also not necessary to make sharp maneuvers. A sharp turn of a rudder can send the vehicle to the free slip, which is likely to lead to an accident. And so the change from one row to another is worth leaving for the summer season.

In conclusion, we can say that even driving in bad wet autumn weather can become comfortable if properly prepared for it.

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