I was quite optimistic for this one. I’ll admit I’ve never bought the mag (I don’t tend to buy mags nowadays anyway) but there’s always something interesting on the cover of Retro Cars Magazine and so I popped along to Rockingham to have a nosey at their open day. There were a few interesting things on track including a splendid white Renault 5GT but it was an eclectic mix of old and new (Porsche Cayman and MEV Roadster?) which didn’t seem to fit with ‘Retro’ as I understand it. There weren’t many cars on display, perhaps the unfortunate Corby postcode had scared folks off and not wearing (or, indeed, owning) a baseball cap I instantly felt very old. Well, I suppose I am.

The pictures here cover most of the cars on display and whilst I can’t see the appeal of an E38 7 series painted duck- egg blue with a roller if it makes the owner happy then that’s all that matters. There was the obligatory line up of dubs, from an ace Polo Coupe S (I had one of those, back in the day) to a tidy Variant, a few campers with usual clichéd stickers, Polos and Golfs. I just don’t get rat look, sorry, perhaps it’s my age. I didn’t bother with pics of Imprezas and Skylines, it has been some time since I wrote for Banzai. Some gems stood out though. A standard looking Fiat 131 was cool and the MG Maestro got lots of interested when we tweeted these pics. What are those wheels? (Schmidt TH-lines?) A Scirocco Scala was a rare treat and when did you last see a Cavalier 4X4?

There was a Triumph Vitesse on fat rubber and a Rover P6 with that V8 which I loved. I hope the Retro Ride(rs) had a good time and look forward to a bigger turn out next year. See you there? I’ll be the grumpy old bleeder.

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Rich Duisberg* has had work published in Classic & Sportscar, Practical Performance Car, Modern Mini, Banzai, MogMag, Evo, GT Porsche, Complete Kit Car, Absolute Lotus, Alternative Cars, Classic Retro Modern, and elsewhere. Rich often appears on CBS’s XCAR and Carfection channels, and Motors TV, plus JayEmm on Cars, enthusing about historic motoring. His latest book (find his work on Amazon) was described by SniffPetrol as "hilarious", although he was also threatened with legal action by elderly DJ Tim Westwood. In his Midlands man cave is a 1972 Fiat 500, a Lotus Elise, a BMW barge and a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike. Previous machines of interest include an Mk1 MX5 (owned for 14 years!), an Alfa GTV6, a Porsche 968 and a Sinclair C5. The Metro (right) was bought for an experiment, and abandoned in Africa. "I am not getting in a car with him" -  said Le Mans winner, Derek Bell. *A nom-de-plume inspired by the BBC's League of Gentlemen.

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