This weekend is usually the most exciting one on the MotorPunk calendar but, with that lurgy having put paid to this year’s Revival, we had to get our Goodwood kicks another way. We dolled up, fired up the Fiat, and made out like we there anyway. Here are the pics;

Firstly, we left “home”. Note how the photographer (me) has artfully cropped out the hotel name and an ugly A-board advertising socially-distanced drinks on the terrace. Clothes are the models own, car is the photographers own.

Hello. This is me. One thing I have learned from previous Revival meetings is that a) A full Colonel’s uniform is hot, heavy and much less comfortable than my mechanic’s scruffs and b) Fifty year old Italian cars will need a bit of coaxing before you do a lengthy journey.

And so, to Goodwood; The Aeroclub is often open and the new clubhouse offers food and drink and a great view of pilots shuffling vintage aircraft in and out of the airfield at the weekend. The little terrace is quite a suntrap. The aeroclub is in the infield, under the tunnel, not to be confused with the cafe just inside the circuit entrance. Here’s a T6 Texan with a radial engine you’ll hear a mile away, and that will blow grass cutting into your cuppa, if you’re lucky.

And there is always something cool parked up. OK, so it’s not racing, but this Jaguar XJ-C is a beauty.

This beautiful Mk2 Golf Gti might be more ‘Retro Rides Gathering’ than ‘Goodwood Revival’ but it’s impossible to overlook. Do you remember how good these are to drive? Do you?

I really like this Ferrari 308, but the fact that the owner has stuck prancing horse badges on the wing mirrors made me double check it wasn’t a kit car with an over-enthusiastic owner.

And between hangers is this Spitfire. There’s often a Spitfire trainer flying from here, for those (like me) who appreciate a little airshow. You can follow them on Twitter to get an idea of their flight plan, to help catch the action.

And another modern classic, a Datsun 240Z. Normally there’d be a crowd here and an anorak to ask for more info. I’m rather enjoying the space today, though. And then, the drive home…

I first met the now-missus at the Goodwood Revival some years ago, and we look forward to 2021. We hope to see you there.

Reports from previous Goodwood events here, here, and here.

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