There were modern Ferraris, apparently, but we didn’t focus on them. This gathering at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire is all about Horsepower but, in true MotorPunk fashion, it was the less-obvious cars that really caught our eye. Before we get onto our favourite classics, here is a Lamborghini Aventador with an engine cover sticker that made us smile;

Here’s a gallery of some classics that caught our eye early in the day. The MGB looks beautifully modified, the MKX Jag is the colour of the seventies (and we love that), and top marks to the drophead TR7 driver for bringing along this much misunderstood classic.

One car in particular we were happy to see; A BMW Z1, is that Boston green? We approve. We’ve never seen Z1 doors in operation, do they leak? If the owner is reading, please drop us a line.

Another mixed gallery of lovelies, and a pic of the hall itself. There’s a webpage on that FaceBook thing about the event, see here.

And some detail on this, a Jensen CV8. Built in the early sixties this hit 60 in 6.7 seconds thanks to lightweight fibreglass and aluminium panels and propulsion from a 6.3 litre ‘golden commando’ V8. Makes the angular Interceptor that followed it look a bit awkward, doesn’t it?

Lots of pics because it’s ace; A Renault Alpine A310, a car we sometimes see on the continent doing rallying and historic motorsport, but a rare sight in blighty;

Thanks to all those who attended, and to Rad Pajor for his excellent photography. Perhaps we’ll see you at Horsepower at the Hall next time, you’ll find us ignoring prancing horses and fawning over the likes of this Lotus Carlton.

title pic

Pics; Rad Pajor (thank you).

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  1. Ivor Dadswell

    Hi I’m the owner of B1MDY

    It’s Primeval Green or urgrünmetallic. The doors don’t leak but it’s an art to get in and out off with the roof up and in the rain. You tend to get water dripping off the top of the window as it lowers to open the door. Many z1 owners carry a towel!! The car has a Lsd fitted making it a little more exciting to drive.
    Hood down, Doors down around the twisty bits it feels quick.
    Come and find me at the next one I’ll give you a demo of the doors.


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