Did we spot you at the Goodwood Revival this year? Me (below, right) and ‘im (left) snapped some of the best outfits and most entertaining Goodwood-goers we met, perhaps they’ll appear in print in the next issue of MotorPunk magazine, which you can buy here.

Flight Lieutenant Sleath (WRAF) and Colonel Duisberg (Army Intelligence Corp).

WRAF? Sleath foolishly let slip that his otherwise spot-on RAF uniform had a pair of women’s trousers, leading to accusations of cross-dressing. Colonel Duisberg’s cap crest indicates a career in the Intelligence Corp, an irony not lost on those who know that this man once ate crayons.

Low country, high on life

From The Netherlands came this migraine-inducingly besuited bunch, happy to share a Stroopwaffel and a laugh, it was their first time at the Revival. Goedemorgen!

Dutch courage

“Say something filthy!” I asked, their reply is unprintable but it got the desired effect, these Dutch ladies laughing heartily.

Made up to be here

These two were working on site as make-up artists, looking splendid, and they fortunately wandered off before I could recall that mucky joke with the punchline “and Max Factor”.

The Parking Nazi

We saw a few far-right inspired outfits at last year’s Revival, but thankfully this years Gestapo were only wearing a Traffic Warden’s outfit. PARKING IST VERBOTEN!

The Thunderbird

There was also a Parker, in a wheelchair, but this chap was International Rescue all alone in the Gasoline Alley area. His weapon presumably removed by security. Nice to meet you!

Spit and polish

These two cleaners are often snapped at the Revival, saucy chat accompanies a wagging feather duster. ‘awright, darlin’?!

Cigarettes and sunshine

What a fabulous hat, and note the matching hat and bag combo in the sunshine, the shades helping to keep this lady incognito in case the smog cops come and get her.

Dessert [sic] raiders

With the whitest knees we’ve ever seen we salute these two, en-route to the catering tent over the road. Top marks for the coats, too, you must have sweated your spuds off.

The Antipodeans

Better than a million crap Biggles, these three Aussies prove that you don’t have to do the obvious to fit in at the Revival. Bowlers, waistcoats, trousers and matching sticks looking spot-on.

The impossibly cute

Many people squirm when a camera is pointed at them, but this young lady grinned to reveal two new teeth. Thanks to her, and Mum, for being a good sport.


View from above

No need to get grandstand tickets, just hitch a ride on Dad’s head! We hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Oversexed, overpaid and over here

These four Americans looked like trouble, hanging around the airfield to the inevitable detriment of the war effort. Still, having your bits shot off by some Fokker, or a weekend with these? The war can wait.

Military Police

These two in the Military motorbike display show that one doesn’t need lairy leathers to ride with aplomb.

Mrs Maserati

In the holding area behind the paddock, on (if I am not mistaken) a Maserati 250F, sits this charming lady. We’re not sure what the pecking order is for a purple wristband, but it probably means “I own this car and it will almost certainly win”. It’s a good look.

Place all baggage in the stowage area above your head

I usually dread travelling amongst such folk; one item of carry-on baggage allowed, two cases, a handbag and a large coat brought along. Still, it’s the Revival, not Ryanair, and as such we happily rub shoulders.

Air France

Not content with dressing immaculately as French Air hostesses, these four actually are French, berating me for not speaking the lingo and insisting I sit down during their safety briefing. Enchanté , all the same, ladies.

Les Gendarmes

With a less-convincing accent than the Frenchies above (more Southend than Sorbonne) was this Gendarme with the most supercilious sneer you’ve ever seen. Tremendous outfits, chaps, now please but away your baton, we don’t want any trouble.

The first-timers

Necking Moretti with us in the Marquee were these two Revival first-timers. Smiles and pints winning friends.


These two represent a huge contingent of fellow Europeans who travelled to what must surely be the most British thing one can do at a weekend.

Pearls before swine?

On first glance this well-dressed pair look like a cheeky farmer trying to seduce the Lady of the manor, but his whopping wristwatch mark this yokel down as a wealthy chap in disguise. Nice to meet you both.

Land Girls

The land girl look is always a good one, these two had been at the Cider, I reckon. So had we.

The crack fox

Quite a few ladies wore fox stoles, this one having the expression of the crack fox off Mighty Boosh. The fox, not her.


We have snapped this chap before, and enjoyed tales of MG and Jaguar restorations, but there’s no messing with Blofeld. Even his ‘cat’ looks fierce.

Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond

This is a good look; this chap looks exactly like Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond, 11th Duke of Lennox, 11th Duke of Aubigny, 6th Duke of Gordon DL. A chap who knows how to throw a bloody good party. It is? Oh!

The working class personified

From one end of the social spectrum to the other. This “workman” knackered out after a long morning avoiding digging up the road and chain smoking.

Proper photographer

Look at the size of that lens! Kudos to this photographer, and the other professionals, who carted round tons of kit to get better pics of the racing than I could ever manage.

Crack Pilots, crack pipes

Don’t be fooled by the excellent uniforms and jolly demeanour of these smart RAF officers. They’re gazing skyward not to look for the hun, but for the tatty unregistered Cessna bringing in a special delivery from Peru for those pipes.

Due care and attention

4 points, isn’t it? In control of a motor vehicle while reading the running order notes for the day. Still, it would be a brave man to bring a halt to the proceedings, or mess with a chap with such a steely gaze in a hat like that.

The mishap Picnic

In the paddock sat this happy lot, enjoying a picnic after a snapped driveshaft meant the car was kippered. One thing I particularly love about the Revival is that while the racing is competitive, the atmosphere in the paddock is so jolly. Cherry tomatoes and a glass of something punchy is a good way to get over a mishap. Better luck next year.

RAF Officer and his squeeze

Very smart these two are, and you can’t quite make out the lipstick kiss on his cheek here, it’s the perfect accessory to that ‘tache. PS – Magnificent attention to detail, both.


So stylish, aren’t they? These two Italians show that you can put your own spin on retro dressing and not look like a scarecrow. Bellissimo!

The driver of tomorrow

Fresh from the Setterington Cup, this young man pedalled down the paddock with his eyes on something with more go for the future.

A huge thanks to everyone who kindly let us photograph them. You can buy the magazine, in print, from here. We hope to see you at the 2019 Goodwood Revival. Come and find us in the beer tent where we MotorPunk will almost certainly look like this…

“Colonel” Rich Duisberg

(Top pic credit – Lex Pearce)

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