It’s nearly upon us, our favourite motoring event of the year, the glorious Goodwood revival.

* UPDATED 08/09/2014 – We now have a few surplus tickets available for sale at face value, contact us via *

Here are a five tips for old hands and newbies alike on how to prepare.

Goodwood tickets come in this lovely retro folder

1Tickets. It’s almost sold out already, sadly, so be quick and click here for Goodwood 2014 tickets.  All is not lost if you’re too late. Keep a keen eye on this corner of Pistonheads where spare tickets occasionally come up for sale nearer the time. You can enjoy a good chunk of the Revival for free and you don’t need a ticket. The “over the road” section is completely free and has a lots to see and do. OK, so you don’t get to see any racing, but it’s in the field where over 7000 pre-1973 cars are parked so there’s plenty to ogle and there are many stands, a funfair, the beer tent and an ace view of the aircraft coming in to land.

2Arm candy. It’s really best to bring your own but there are plenty of knockout chicks in posh frocks and faux-Colonels with improbable facial hair enjoying the festival. There’s more to the Revival than just the racing (as good as that is) and there’s almost as much fun to be had sipping a Pimms in the company of friends new and old whilst watching the racing. The Revival isn’t the usual scrum of middle aged blokes in supermarket jeans and sweatshop footwear, thankfully.

3Transport. It’s nice to arrive in something flash (that Evora we had, oh baby!) but unless you’re in the know you will end up parked three fields away from the action where no-one will see it. The A27 will be littered with steaming classics awaiting the AA, this is the one motoring event where your car doesn’t matter so take something reliable and air conditioned and be sure you’ll get there on time and with space for the hamper and the totty’s 26 pairs of shoes.

4Food. If you want to spend £7.50 on a burger made from the beef of a cow who probably led a more cossetted life that you have then you won’t be short of choice. The thriftier Revivalists will arrive with a packed hamper from home or shop at the vintage Tesco shop on site. My chilled Veuve Cliquot daybag, for example, carries flutes, space for a couple of large bottles and a pocket for a pork pie.

5Outfits. Fancy dress shops, EBay and charity shops won’t cut the mustard. Ladies are spoiled for choice with posh vintage clobber (Candy says is a favourite) but for chaps, achieving high sartorial standards is trickier. Fortunately tweed is seeing a bit of a comeback, even Next stock jackets now, so add a pair of slacks, brogues and a skinny club tie for a good starter outfit. For the more adventurous, Irish menswear stock basic used military clothing (my used bulled shoes cost £7), and there is RTI military surplus in Lutterworth which is occasionally open to the public and will let you fill your Revival wardrobe with electic clobber from 50’s French Firemen to WW2 British army Major.

So, we look forward to seeing you there! If anyone has a frog for a 1950’s Sam Browne belt then please drop me a line, my Colonel look isn’t quite complete yet. Here’s to an excellent 2014 Revival – cheers!

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  1. Terry Bookwitt

    Really looking forward to the Revival now. I imagine it’s a very ‘MotorPunk’ type do. Is the Typist coming along. I’ve heard she’s hotter than a lava tindaloo!
    Terry Bookwitt


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