On a searingly hot day, on tinder-dry grass at Goodwood, we visited this year’s Festival of Speed. Their excellent YouTube stream captured the action (link here to their channel), but here are a few snaps of the best bits which most appealed to us MotorPunks. Let’s start with Porsche, who were celebrating 70 years with what must have been the entire contents of their historic warehouse. To us, when it comes to Pork, as we said on our FaceBook page, there’s nothing nicer than a plain bacon sandwich on white bread in a caff. No carbon-fibre drizzled GT3RSXYZ hypercar served by a gender-fluid hipster to Instagrammers, thanks. This is perfect pork;

On track, up the hill, was this amazing line up. Luckily we snook over of the barriers as viewing at FoS is often tricky;

And while on the wrong side of the track(s), we managed to hitch a high speed run up the hill in this magnificent Rolls-Royce, piloted by a friend of the magazine.

‘scuse the iPhone snaps, it’s hard to be professional when pelting up a hill at silly speed while the driver demonstrates rear wheel steering effect, but I noticed the airvents have condensation on. RR make them out of proper chromed metal, not chrome coated plastic like ordinary marques. This means that condensation can collect on the vents, which is cool in both senses of the word. There’s a tiny channel underneath to ensure the moisture runs out of the cabin.

What incredible attention to detail, we love this kind of thing. Anyway, in the time it takes to read this sentence I was at the top of the hill, grinning.

The Martini enclosure was mostly out of bounds, but this lovely Lancia 037 caught our eye in the paddock.

In the supercar carpark, above the paddock, sat this thing. I love the daft ‘plate, the mud caked up the back and the fact it’s being used instead of hoarded;

Some more racing spots. An amazing Matra 640, built for the 1964 LeMans 24h and designed to his 210mph on the straight. V12 power, 720Kg weight and Henry Pescarolo at the wheel. Porsche 917, Ford GT40 or this? It was wrecked during practise and this one was lovingly rebuilt by Matra. I could not stop staring, but it seems it escaped the gaze of the crowds.

Back on track; A Dolly Sprint, Gold Leaf Lotus and lightweight, low-drag E Type (built for the ’64 LeMans). I also tried to snap a Ford Galaxie 500 but needed both hands to cover my ears when it warmed its tyres and smoked off.

A ride back down the hill and some Rolls-Royce hospitality. A very nice way to finish the afternoon;

Champagne Charlie? Me?

Word and pics; Rich Duisberg

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