As you probably know by now we blokes at MotorPunk HQ love a big boy’s toy; and as we approach the icy depths of a typical British winter our thoughts for this month’s kitbag turn to sledging, but with an automotive twist. In the past sledging was perhaps considered to be a rather childish pastime. But after the lovely Amy Williams gained Team GB’s first Winter Olympic gold medal for 30 years at Vancouver 2010 it has made us all rethink: perhaps we Brits are rather good at sliding downhill on our arses. If only, on those rare snow-dusted days, England’s youth could train on something better than a stolen bin lid, cat litter tray or an Aldi ‘Bag for Life’ then, maybe, we might clean up at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea too!

Many of MotorPunk’s favourite car makers have thrown their engineering nous at sledge building at one time or another; a small selection of those marque’s finest toboggans are featured below in this month’s Kitbag.

Porsche Design Aluminium Sled

£330.00 from Aluminium Sledge, £330, Ergonomically designed in sleek aluminium you’ll be the envy of the local hilltop as you carry this lightweight collapsible Porsche Design sled up the slopes in its bespoke holdall. As you set Stuttgart’s very own super-sled down on its polished stainless steel runners and mount the black leather seat you’ll then have the option of recreating handling characteristics from some of Porsche’s most iconic road cars: sitting square in the middle gives Boxster-esque 50:50 weight distribution with balletic balance and poise; sit on the nose and it’ll understeer like a clapped out Cayenne; sit on the tail and you’ll career backwards through the nearest hedge like an ‘80s 911 … before catching fire.


Scuderia Ferrari Sled

£680 from Ferrarri Usually, something that looks this slick, accelerates as quickly and bears an official prancing horse would be a six-figure affair; nevertheless, it’s still twice the price of its nearest Germanic rival. Scuderia Ferrari’s hi-tech bobsled features proper suspension, a Rossa Corsa paint job and a lightweight frame and brake system made from high-grade aluminium. The seat is moulded in impact resistant polycarbonate and PE coated plastic runners provide excellent gliding characteristics. Strangely, for a brand new Ferrari, there isn’t space aboard for a barely-legal girlfriends or an enormous ego with matching Louis Vuitton luggage.


Volkswagen GTI Crazy Bob Sled

Priced £65.00 from

Just as the do with their all-conquering hot hatches, VW have a built a brilliantly designed rival to the supercar poseurs that’ll probably provide just as much fun at a fraction of the price. Called the GTI Crazy Bob it sports some of the brand’s iconic design touches including honeycomb grill and red stripe details plus that all-important GTI badge. Moulded from high quality plastics, and featuring ‘ergonomically shaped front and rear footrests’, it sits on special reinforced runners to provide excellent “glide and tracking”. We at MotorPunk think it’s an interesting piece of ‘dubmobilia’ that could happily spend the off-season on your Man Cave wall.


Volvo Slope Carver

Priced $194 from


Leave it to the Swedes at Volvo to offer a classically designed sled that blends functional retro style with minimalist Scandinavian appeal. The Volvo Slope Carver is built to last for generations of slope-slipping fun and features wooden runners and seat, a rigid steel frame and adjustable canvas straps. It will fold down to fit its Volvo-branded storage bag and will easily slip in your classic P1800’s boot. Elegant and simple, it’s our personal favourite.


MINI Snow Rocker Toboggan

Priced from around £40 from MINI Sledge in Kitbag The MINI Snow Rocker toboggan might look like a melted marital aid, but it’s cheap and well designed to give both kids and adults hours of slope-bashing pleasure. Made from robust friction-free plastic, the Snow Rocker is said to be “suitable for all snow conditions” – hopefully that includes the thawing blown slush peppered with dog dirts that we Brits usually have to make the best of. Measuring 66cm long and weighing just 2.5kg this patriotically decaled toboggan is easy to steer through slight shifts in weight and, in emergency before you hit that dry stone wall, a deftly placed welly.

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