Newsflash! With our finger on the pulse of modern motoring matters, MotorPunk can exclusively report that you can still go to a car showroom and buy a new Subaru. I honestly thought they’d stopped bothering to exist years ago, around the time of Saab and Rover’s demise. Their products don’t seem to have changed much since then. A very brief glance at their website shows some forgettable new cars and the latest Impreza which looks rather like all the other Imprezas. Is the hot Impreza nearly 20 years old? It seems so old hat now. Now, I’m not knocking new Subarus, I’m sure they’re perfectly good transport, but they’re utterly forgettable. We loved Subaru when they were a bit crackers; The SVX, the original Impreza and the XT Coupe. Even that ratty pickup they made was cool.

And when happily googling Subaru’s retro triumphs I came across an appalling but very memorable advert (below), perhaps the most sexist car advert we have ever seen. I wish Subaru would be as brave, today, with their business, as they were back then. We don’t want rebadged GT86s, we want madness! Subaru – what happened to you?

sexist car advert

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  1. Bateman

    That’s as maybe, but does she/Subaru GL Coupe know her way around a cross stitch or know which channel Match of the Day is broadcast on? I very much doubt it. Slovenly biatch.

  2. garcon magnifique

    As a bit of a Subaru fan (I’ve owned eight) I can’t tell you how much I mourn the demise of their model line up. The Forester and Outback are still very good if you want worthy, reliable transport to get up a farm track, but they’re as exciting as tofu.

    You can still buy an STI but it’s about as socially acceptable as a diesel VW. And they’ve somehow made it uglier than the Impreza of old.

    I loved the Imprezas, but it’s the Legacy Spec B saloon I miss most. 3 litre flat six of loveliness.


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