I love a visit to PPC Mag’s HQ in Corby. There’s always something interesting in the workshop. Cars that don’t always make the pages of the mag, stuff to be flipped on EBay, classics awaiting repair or (as is often the case) bought on a whim and left to fester. I’m not sure which category this Renault 5 Alpine Turbo falls into but it’s so cool I had to share these quick iPhone snaps with you.

Hot Renaults pre-date the ubiquitous Mk1 Golf Gti, although they were never as popular back then, and are even rarer than their Wolfsburg-built rivals today. This R5 is an Alpine turbo, with a pushrod 1.4 litre engine and a Garret T3 turbo producing a rather silly 110BHP. 0-60 takes 8.7 seconds and if you’ve not deadded yourself (or the car) before you get there, top speed is 110MPH. Check the orange on black dials and wodden gearknob on the long, bent gearlever. I’d have this over any Golf any day. Look at the wheels! Look at the bumpers! Look at the retro badging! Don’t look at the build quality! I love how the VIN plate states a weight of 000Kg. The turbo is mounted in a position requiring a large chunk of the inner wing to be crudely chopped out, although this might have been done by an owner, either way it does nothing for the Renault’s already famously flimsy structure. More pics? OK then.

This car is odd. Aside from the peculiar looking turbo install in a scruffy engine bay, there are some three-slot Gordini wheels in the back. This Alpine Turbo model was only produced until, I think, 1984 when it made way for the more common R5 GT Turbo, but this car is on a C (’85-’86) plate. Lax paperwork? Perhaps it stood in a showroom for a while. Either way – I’m glad it survives today and hope it eventually finds it’s way back on to the road soon.



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  1. Grouty

    The inner wings on these things dissolve so rapidly the hole probably evolved organically on the production line.


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