Here’s something to warm your cockles*; It’s a ’67 Chevrolet Camaro RS F body, a car that’s had a lot of love.

fish eye

Before we indulge ourselves with more of Rad’s creative photography, here’s a snippet of the spec; This car originally came with a 210BHP 327ci (that’s 5.3 litres in new money) mated to a two speed powerglide transmission. It now has a 400BHP from a 383ci (6.2 litre) and a 5 speed Tremec gearbox. There’s a bottle of nitrous if that’s not enough. To manage all that power it has an LSD and disc brakes all road. Underneath are Hotchkiss springs and dampers and Global West A arms up front.

The car was originally gold with a gold interior (!) but was built into what you see here between 2004 and ’06. The spec list is huge. Highlights include 850 double pumper carbs, Edelbrock inlet manifold, ceramic coated Flowtech headers and a 2.5” exhaust. It also has electric headlamp covers, not something we’d noticed before. It got three coats of VW tornado red paint and three coats of lacquer and a new interior. And we love the result.

Simon who owns ‘big red’ does about 7000 miles a year in it, we appreciate him sharing the sight (and sound) of this on public roads so often after such a thorough nut and bolt build. No garage queen nonsense here. There’s more like this to warm your cockles over on Gasser Circus, take a look here.

Thanks to Rad Pajor for the photography, and the chaps who put ‘big red’ together; Mike Simms (interior), F H Ellis (bodywork), Hauser Cars (axle), John Sleath (tuning) and Adrian Spencer. Above all, thanks to Simon Prest, the owner, for sharing ‘big red’ LOW67F with us MotorPunks. We look forward to seeing it smoking about at the Mopar Euronats.

*For readers unfamiliar with the phrase; Cockles – [Middle English cokel, from Old French coquille, shell, from Vulgar Latin cochillia, from Latin conchyllium, from Greek konkhulion,diminutive of konkhē, mussel.] – as used in the phrase “warm the cockles of your heart”. Ie; to make you happy. 

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  1. Mitch

    That is one gorgeous motor. I love the idea of the original two-speed gearbox.
    I once had an old Chevy Impala which I took back to the garage and totally embarrassed myself by saying it only had two gears. “That’s how many it came with man” was the reply. Oh, right, yes, of course…

    • Rich Duisberg
      Rich Duisberg

      Ha! Great story, Mitch. I had to double check the lack of cogs when I wrote this feature.


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