‘It’s not about point A to point B, how fast I can get there, it’s about the experience of driving’

This is the laid back mantra of dapper dresser, and respected Mercedes-Benz aficionado, J.C. Francis. In this classy little video, made in collaboration with Belstaff and Mr Porter, Francis tours the Mojave Desert in his beautiful pea green 250C and yaks about his love-hate relationship with his collection of Teutonic classics. The landscape, and the Benz, are simply stunning; and while his laconic ramblings and the soaring soundtrack can get a little cheesey, it manages to stay on the mild side of the cheddar spectrum … an agreeable Emmental if you will.

The Belstaff link is interesting. After 90 years of muddy motorcycling heritage these old brands are now sported by armies of urban fashionista, with rugged pretty-boy ambassadors like Beckham, Gandy and McGregor all donning these classic waxed jackets. Barbour and Belstaff are also increasingly marketing new lightweight versions to classic car owners; their growing presence at the Goodwood Revival, and cool little road movies like this one, are proof of that.

Anyway, if you’re a Belstaff fan too then you might like to know that it’s a new Roadmaster waxed cotton jacket that Francis sports in this video – a mighty fine bit of clobber it has to be said.


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Darryl can usually be found up to his elbows in some unloved piece of BL detritus when he isn’t snapping and scribbling for various print magazines or producing the book on road tripping or tally-ho adventurers. As an occasional presenter on CBS's Carfection YouTube channel, his other hobbies include vintage Scalextrics, ‘60s Bang & Olufsen and dabbling in grassroots motorsport.

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  1. Dom

    Beautifully shot. Not a big fan of those greasy over-priced jackets but love the old Mercs.


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