Some cars catch your eye from quite some distance. As I mooched through the snow near Sandefjord in Norway recently I spotted something odd. A British plated Bentley Mulsanne Turbo. No tax disc, no other clues about where it was from or what on earth it was doing parked outside a sportshall in a remote spot up the cold end of the continent. I don’t know what the name of colour is, but my hands went the same colour when circulation eventually returned after having taken my gloves off to get these iPhone snaps. Let’s call it hyperthermic rhubarb. It’s a fantastic machine. Sat on regular winter tyres, snow dropping from the arches, it was clearly in regular use.

The Bentley Musanne Turbo is exactly the kind of car we love on MotorPunk. See Paul’s crackers track car for example. If whoever owns this Bentley is reading, I salute your choice of wholly inappropriate winter transport, please drop us a line!








PS – At the airport I found something utterly filthy. A top shelf Swedish magazine dedicated to BL cack. Phwøøøåår!


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