NS who? NSU! A German marque founded over a century ago that were sadly swallowed up by VW and ended up being digested by Audi. That’s who. You may know them for their Ro80 model, a wankel-engined wonder with warranty claims that eventually did for them. Prior to that came the more conventional, but no less appealing, type 100. The blue 1200cc (actually 1177cc) TTS example I snapped* here, in the dark, has an air cooled inline 4 with 80ish BHP but we suspect it has been fettled for retro rally hoonery. We’d love to know more about this example, so if you’re the Frenchman who dumped it on a zebra crossing outside a bar in Air-sur-Lys recently then please get in touch. NSU retro rallycar

NSU prinz ttsretro rally car france

*Apologies for the wobbly pics. I took them when attempting to use a zebra crossing after having left a bar in Air-sur-Lys.

Update 17/04/2015; Thanks to Ortwin who emailed us with some more info: “it’s either a TTS, which means 1000 ccm or TT which means either 1000 or 1200 ccm. If the batches front and rear are proper, it was a TT 1200, 65 HP and there was no type 100. That would have been modell 110, that one with the ugly long-nose. Late ones are 1200C, when ordinary 1000 grew up to 1000C”

He also sent us this nice pic of his car. Many thanks!


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  1. JR Cloes

    Hi, Just saw this post, sorry for delay..
    I know that car.
    It is in fact a 1200C or Typ 110 NSU (long nose body) different from 1000TTS or 1200TT. But this frenchman smartly disguised it into the sporty model and I admit it works fine…

    Fro,t suspension is also different on those models..

    • Rich Duisberg
      Rich Duisberg

      Thanks for the info! We appreciate the reply, pass our compliments to the owner, that thing is cool. Cheers!


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