Motorsport with a sense of humour is a very rare thing and nobody does it better than Jay Lamm with his 24-Hours of Le Mons, an American version of the epic French endurance race for sub $500 jalopies. Over on our sister site last week we looked at all the plucky little British roadsters had been sent to automotive Valhalla in one last glorious North American road race, but in the course of knocking up that feature I came across these pics.


Now we at MotorPunk are partial to a big Jag; we’ve taken them through blizzards to Norway, run them at the 18-30 trackday and even tried them out as getaway cars. However, when we eventually get over to the New World to have a crack at this Le Mons lark I think there is only one car for the job – the tried and tested XJ6 … probably in RAF camo with D-Day invasion stripes and a bluxom strumpet painted on the bonnet. Summer 2016 is the goal; potential sponsors, pit crew, fluffers and general hangers on, please get in touch!

If you’ve not come across Le Mons before check out this feature that we did some time back.


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