Got a car that falls into MotorPunk’s CarClub 18-30? Well then, why not join us on the 2nd of July for skids and giggles on our fifth annual trackday at Blyton Park in Lincolnshire.

Ideally, we want folks to have a good day out without the usual hardcore ne’er do wells looming in their wing mirrors. You know the sort of oiks I’m talking about: misspelt tattoos, nylon jackets and teeth like a stripped ring gear. We only want people who can play nicely.

Cars should be of a model that were designed and made sometime between 1989 and 2001 to qualify, and MotorPunk will be awarding prizes of some sort for those that bring anything particularly heroic. Hopefully, we’ll also get a few novices out on circuit for the very first time, and owners of interesting ‘quasi-exotica’ (to coin Herr Duisberg’s favourite phrase) who don’t normally get chance to stretch the lovely legs of their shiny P&J.

Costs are TBC, but are likely to around £120 per car, including the main driver, lunch and free snaps to download. Extra drivers, or passengers, are usually £10 including lunch. If you want to secure your place then you’ll need to speak to veteran track day organiser, and all-round good egg, Frank Hall. He can be contacted on 07815070491 (at a civilised time of the day please).

See you there.

Darryl & Rich


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Darryl can usually be found up to his elbows in some unloved piece of BL detritus when he isn’t snapping and scribbling for various print magazines or producing the book on road tripping or tally-ho adventurers. As an occasional presenter on CBS's Carfection YouTube channel, his other hobbies include vintage Scalextrics, ‘60s Bang & Olufsen and dabbling in grassroots motorsport.

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