In 2023, ex-F1 backmarker Slim Borgudd sadly passed away in Coventry. Slim had scored one point in F1, driving for the German ATS team, and had more success in truck racing and other motorsport. He was the seventh-highest points scorer in F1… who was from Sweden. He completed a race in F3 by holding onto the bodywork to prevent the car from disintegrating. We like this. He was also an accomplished musician and known for playing the drums for fellow Swedes, ABBA. In later life, and for reasons I don’t fully understand, he moved to the sun-drenched millionaire’s paradise that is Coventry. Slim rented a unit next to a mate’s place and they became friends. As money troubles and illness finally overtook him, we MotorPunks took ownership of Slim’s own road car; a tatty Rover 620i. Y’know, the badge-engineered Honda Accord wearing the Longship of doom and assembled by militant Roverites at the scabby old Cowley factory near Oxford. I know this because I often worked there (shameless plug for my book about those mad times; buy it here). Here are a few pics from collection;

What would we want with this car? Rover-lickers might be titillated by the semi-famous owner, but these things are pretty worthless now, have a reputation for rust, have no motorsport heritage or noteworthy performance characteristics. It’s a base model FWD saloon from a defunct car manufacturer… ideal, in other words, as a basis for a Class C contender in the 24 Hours of Lemons (a very silly race series in the US where we have previously competed at great cost with little or no success). Our plan is to MOT this 620i (to see how bad it might be), stick a Lemons-compliant roll cage in it, fire safety system and race seat, then ship it to America, enter it into the 24 Hours of Lemons at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and race off with a class C title in October 2024. We think this is a fitting tribute to Slim and a bloody brilliant way to get together a bunch of chaps and do something positive.

If you’re able to help, interested in what we’re doing, or would like to threaten us with legal action for defaming the good ship Longbridge, then you know where to find us.

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