No, it’s not a typo. When Mrs Duisberg and I first moved to the Melton Mowbray area, she was less than impressed with the modest selection of shops in this little market town. As a city girl she was used to shops stocked with every kind of exotic vegetable and free-range handbag, but Melton’s shelves offered less choice than communism, she reckoned. “Melton Mowbray? Moscow Mowbray!”, and the name stuck. Anyway, here are some classic cars pictured there last Friday;

These little local meets are great. Owners will let you have a good poke about [insert Melton inbreeding gag here] and there’s a small but very diverse selection of cars to admire, snapped here outside shops you won’t find in Chelsea. The Vodaphone E-type looked particularly good, the Greenwood’s MGB and Thornton’s Rover P6 selection appealed too.

Outside Costa sat a lovely late XJS and a Triumph Dolomite with a selection of track stickers. We love it when classic cars get used. ShoeZone hosted a Wolseley Six Eighty and downwind of greasy Greggs was a Mini, a car once utterly ubiquitous on our roads yet now a rarity and well worth sharing at shows.




Charity shops abound here. Cancer Research was the backdrop for a Pristine two door Volvo Amazon, British Heart Foundation hosted a Renault 6 and Marie Curie an MR2. Melton is a nice little town and these cars all look good (reserving judgement on the pink Herald’s wheels), it might not be Chelsea but you won’t find a Chelsea tractor here, and that’s got to be a good thing, right? Thanks to the organiser and to Melton borough council for encouraging this kind of thing. See you in the Anne of Cleves for a pork pie and a pint.

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  1. Brandon Sims

    Looks like a great collection of cars, The meets are always great. You get to meet new people and see their passion for cars and especially people who love their classic cars have a unmatchable enthusiasm. They treat their cars as if they are family member and the love can be seen in their eyes. Feels so Good.


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