There must for something for everyone here. From supercars to single seaters, quick classics to hot hatches and that insane home built creation we just can’t categorise. Our June event was pretty busy and while not all came to set a championship time on the day, everyone had fun. Let’s take a look;


These three Stratoses (what is the plural of Stratos? Stratossers? Surely not.) are replicas, as you might expect, and they look great and went well. The amount of lean shows how much these were chucked about on the day. All Alfa powered they sounded good too, we soooo have the horn for one of these.


The Formula Renault single seater looks potent, no record of it’s time though (unless someone noted it and didn’t tell us). The Porsche 918 was there a few days later, thanks to Jay for the pics, we would have loved to have compared their laptimes, then encouraged Nige to have a crack with his Caterham. Next time, perhaps.


The Clio V6 looks brilliant in the Michelin colours and the (genuine) Chevette HSR went well against it, will the GT86 ever be considered a classic in the same way? Perhaps not, but as a modern all-rounder they are a great proposition.


The wild mouse single seater; What a creation! I believe it is Hillman Imp based and Organiser Dan struggled to know which category to put it in. Anyway, we love stuff like this.


The Ginetta, 328i, 350Z and Nige’s quadcopter completed the field and show what a diverse range of machines this event attracts. Same again soon, chaps?


Pic credits: The ever reliable Robert Grounds, Jay Rahman & Otter Count. 

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Rich Duisberg

Rich's drivel regularly appears in Practical Performance Car and GT Porsche magazines. He has also written for Classic & Sportscar, MogMag, Classic Performance and Retro, Banzai, Evo, and Modern Mini. He also did a book no-one bought. His hungover fizzog also often appears on CBS’s Carfection channel enthusing about historic motoring. Le Mans winner Derek Bell once refused to get in Rich's Morgan Three Wheeler with him at the wheel. Currently amongst the detritus in his garage is a 1972 Fiat 500 Abarth, a fat BMW and a Lotus Elise. Previous machinery includes a Porsche 968, an Alfa GTV V6 and a dreadful Sinclair C5. He also owns a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike.

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  1. Robert Grounds

    It was great to see so many beautiful cars charging round Curborough.
    If you were there and would like photo’s of your car FOC, please make contact with me. Rich has my contact details
    Robert Grounds

  2. Jeff Penfold

    Plural for Stratos’ .. ermm .. Stratii? Thanks for posting pictures of my car (the Stratos replica without wings), it’s a first for me seeing the car in motion rather than stationary. It was also a first for me taking any car to a sprint day, but especially it was the first time I’d had the opportunity to actually throw my car about a bit as it’s only now coming towards the end of the build process.

    Yes, I’d love copies of any pictures available.


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