It’s July and all the sensible people are on holiday. At Curborough, though, was a nice little crowd of MotorPunks getting a hit of sprint action in the West Midland’s weedy sunshine. We’ve long maintained that a good transaxle Porsche is a great all-round sportscar and a mob of ‘em turned up to confirm it. They’re a competitive bunch, these Porsche drivers, so let’s compare their times first; Matt’s 924 (which once thrashed me in my 968 on our visit to Blyton) did a 1’37.2 and Ben W’s rally-prepped 944 a 1’35.2, pretty respectable and I’m sure they both could have whittled down these times with practice. Two 944 turbos arrived, one doing a 1’31.5 and the quickest of all the Pork was Rich in his silver 944t, doing 1’30.6.

The best of the rest? It’s always good to see the GT86s on track, and the inevitable MX-5s (mine is back in action soon). Andy W seems to live at Curborough, his blue Golf R working hard, I understand he’s back next time in his Polo Gti and it’ll be interesting to compare results for those. James (who races his Civic in the CSCC future classics series) saved tyre wear by driving mostly on 3 wheels. The silver M3 had recently seen some performance-related expenditure and it paid off – look how flat it corners compared to most baggy-bushed E36s.

Hands up, who loves Group C racers? This red Lancia Ferrari LC2 came for a shakedown. No times set – we’d love to know how quick the 4.4 litre twin turbo’d V8 would go around here. It’s not a model we knew enough about, the Wiki page for the Lancia Ferrari LC2 is worth a quick read here. There’s always something interesting like this to ogle in the paddock at Curborough. OK, you can put your hands down now.



And finally to the “trying too hard” bit mentioned in the title. Zac, a regular in his competitive Fiesta, managed to lose a bonnet pin and ended up briefly driving blind, before inevitably calling autoglass. The S2000 kicked up some muck and Paul’s Westfield locked up good and proper but still set a class record time of 1’20.0. Nobody hurt and some lessons learned. Curborough is the perfect playground for this kind of event. It shows that even with experience sprints are very tricky and it’s hard to make inroads into lap times unless you’re millimetre perfect every time, everywhere. It’s addictive!


Thanks to Jony Ellis of JPEG for the pics, to Rich and Dan for the reorganisationisings, and to everyone who came to enjoy the day. Same again soon?

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