Thanks to the generosity of the organisers of the fantastic Chateau Impney Hillclimb event (more on that here) we have a family ticket available as a prize. This means free entry for two adults and two children aged 16 or under, worth £45, for the weekend’s racing climax on Sunday 12th July. To enter is a doddle. The first person to correctly guess the make and model of vehicle the key pictured below is for will win. You’ll need to think outside the box here. There is (I think) a picture of the answer somewhere on the MotorPunk site, but that’s the only clue you’ll be getting!

chateau impney key

To enter simply add your answer as a comment at the bottom of this page, we will check and publish your entry shortly afterwards. You can enter as many times as you like but can only have one guess per entry. Anyone falling foul of that, or performing any other act of chicanery, will have their entry deleted. There will be a short delay between you posting your comment(s) and it appearing on the site as they are each checked to prevent spam. Your email address will not be published and only used to contact you if you win. Scout’s honour. We will reveal the answer by the end of May, even if it has been correctly guessed before then. MotorPunk’s decision is final. No petting, no pushing, no ducking and no diving. There, that’s the small print sorted. If you’re useless at this sort of thing and just want to buy a ticket, you can do so here:

So – We wish you good luck and hope the winning family have a fantastic day at Chateau Impney. Get guessing!

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Rich Duisberg

Rich's drivel regularly appears in Practical Performance Car and GT Porsche magazines. He has also written for Classic & Sportscar, MogMag, Classic Performance and Retro, Banzai, Evo, and Modern Mini. He also did a book no-one bought. His hungover fizzog also often appears on CBS’s Carfection channel enthusing about historic motoring. Le Mans winner Derek Bell once refused to get in Rich's Morgan Three Wheeler with him at the wheel. Currently amongst the detritus in his garage is a 1972 Fiat 500 Abarth, a fat BMW and a Lotus Elise. Previous machinery includes a Porsche 968, an Alfa GTV V6 and a dreadful Sinclair C5. He also owns a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike.

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  1. Mook

    The key to Rich Duisberg’s private bog. If I win, I nominate David Chapman to go in my place so his Porsche can dump coolant all over the hillclimb track.

  2. Rich Harman

    Outside the box eh? I seem to remember the key to my old man’s Volvo 740 estate in black, aka ‘The Hearse’ was a lot like that… It was a box

  3. Nick M

    Austin Metro.

    Senna drove the 6R4 version in the Russell Bulgin Rally car test in about 1986.

    • Rich Duisberg
      Rich Duisberg

      Thanks for the guesses, still no winner. It was made in Wales, if that helps…


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