“That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen here” said Byton’s Richard Usher as he watched Paul’s Bentley Turbo R, stripped of it’s heavy luxury fittings and sporting a whopping wing, line up to join the track on this year’s trackday. Car club 18-30 is about encouraging modern classics (of c.1984-1996 vintage) onto the track. Interesting, unusual and cool cars that MotorPunk readers love. The Bentley was one of the many cars that made the day so much fun and there was a good mix of attendees from Pistonheads and other forums that had kindly spread the word.


The car that everyone loves, the MX-5, only qualifies in MK1 spec for “18-30” and quite a few turned up in various guises from smokey turbos to drifty silliness from Sean. Mr Sleg arrived in the MotorPunk MX-5 trackslag sporting 4 different brands of tyre and a tax disc from yesteryear. Stu’s pink Camaro, a manual V8, was the veteran of many roadtrips and the bodywork looked a bit battered but the mechanicals were well sorted and it roared around making all who saw (and heard) it smile. Another hot yank was Kev’s immaculate Corvette Stingray (the one off wheeler dealers), his first time on track, I hope he enjoyed himself.

This event is also for folks with little or no track experience although MotorPunk’s own tame racing driver/lawyer (Michael) showed up with his graduate spec Caterham and 996 cabriolet. Neal’s and his Dad’s immaculate RX7 MK2 turbo made it along with Mark Fittes’ smoky but splendid V8 engined Supra. Rudge’s Excel never made it so the only Lotus was Stephen’s lovely MK1 Elise, fresh from some last minute fixes. Ben’s beautiful E12 held a tight line on track even though his head was a bit woolly and Matt’s 924S went past my own 968 a few times at quite a lick. Matt got some great little videos, here’s one, the tyre squeal is impressive!

The previous night’s entertainment was rather, well, entertaining. Playing an improvised game of golf in the dark using not a club, ball and hole but hand, ball and lanky chap in the dark who shouted “ow” when hit by a ball thrown by one of the many overly refreshed chaps attending our event. Hole in one! Some of us might have had hangovers at the briefing. Thanks Ben.

Alistair and Frank each brought an utterly gorgeous Alfa Junior. Cars that looked both quick and supple on track, cornering with a wheel cocked. I cannot thank them enough for bringing them along, even though these cars only qualify for car club 18-30 under the ‘cougar’ exemption they’re exactly the kind of car we love. Chris Mann, a late entry, brought a Lola TD70 replica by GD, louder than the Lancasters that used to land at Blyton and although he was a mile quicker than us all there was plenty of space on track for him and us mere mortals to enjoy ourselves safely. Graeme managed to spin his 993 Cabriolet a few times despite allegedly knowing Blyton like the back of his hand. He didn’t stop smiling all day. James Beaumont arrived in a Triumph TR8. Dr Octane (sadly engaged elsewhere at the time) would have copulated with it had he been there and it was so fast that he managed to get me black flagged as I couldn’t get out of his way fast enough. Well, that’s my excuse. Howard and Michael each brought a MK1 MR2 in red so I’m not sure which of the two it was that went into the undergrowth backwards after a hot lap too many. Thankfully it emerged unscathed. It’s a classic MotorPunk kinda car. Charlie Payne was another newbie in his little Pilgrim and it didn’t take him many laps to start hanging it’s arse out like the best of ‘em.

Mark Hill bit his lip in the briefing as he was roundly abused for having the track record of Pastor Maldonado but behaved in his mint Audi S2 (check those fantastic wheels). We look forward to seeing him next year in his newly acquired classic Quattro. Richard Metcalfe brought “sex panther”, an extremely rare manual Jaguar XJS-C. If you only look at one photo of this event look at the one of him cornering in it, foot wide grin and all. A split coolant hose finished his day a little early but was the only retirement of the whole event. Who says that old cars are unreliable?

There was a gaggle of MotorPunk groupies; Tipex and Barry Scott in one Impreza and Doug in another, early models do (just) qualify for 18-30. Dan and Luke arrived in one of two Integras (Mark H owning the other), David Chapman did plenty of laps in his always impressive 944 Turbo S, Rudge and Mikey made themselves travelsick in a Fiat Coupe Turbo and it was nice to see Andy for the first time since Scumball 2006 in his E36. Thanks, chaps, for joining us. Paul was presented with a trophy of frankly appalling quality and roundly applauded by the other entrants for his Bentley being “the most MotorPunk car of the day”. He did a victory lap with his caravan hitched to the back. I have not laughed so much in ages. Paul has asked me to point readers in the direction of a charity he is involved with called Debra, it is explained here, please take a look.

Apologies to those I didn’t mention (edit: Faisal! Sorry!) and thanks to all for helping make it a thoroughly enjoyable day. I was surprised at how far folks had come to join the fun and hope that everyone got home safely. We look forward to seeing you on a future MotorPunk automotive adventure soon. We’re off to Morocco in November if you’re feeling brave…

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  1. Dr.Octane

    Plans are afoot for another track day in the new year. Stand by chaps.

  2. Benno

    Hi Boys. This looked a hoot. Any chance they’ll be another? I’ve got an old MX5 and and an old 318i E30. I assume they both qualify for Car Club 18-30?


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