I had to google the name to ensure photographer Rad wasn’t winding me up. Yes, there really is a pub in Derbyshire called the Spanker Inn, where he took pictures of these fantastic classic Fords in the spring sunshine. They’re spankers, aren’t they? Sorry, I’ll stop it now. Right then, pictures! Let’s start with a Mk1 Granada, a car produced from ’72 to ’77 , big saloons are sadly lacking from Ford’s line up today. Is that a Kent engine?

Rad is nuts for Escorts. Zoom in on the blue MK2 below and you’ll see his saliva on that engine cover.

Do not adjust your set. Ultimate green and electric orange RS Focuses are a brilliant alternative to the sea of grey Germans on the roads.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth pictured. Didn’t someone saw the spoiler off Clarkson’s? My favourite detail is the bonnet vents looking like a pair of deep-sea Isopods. Is this the small or large turbo version?

Red or dead. It’s that Cosworth engine that makes these cars.

I crashed one of these once, through a fence, after first having fishtailed a hundred yards. That kind of behavior, and the inevitable thefts, make straight Sierra Cosworths a rare sight today.


A Sapphire 4X4 in black and gold. What are those wheels called, Ford geeks?

Another helping of Sierra? Here you go;

This Rothmans liveried rallycar looks the part. If the owner is reading, please get in touch and let us know what the full spec is!

We saved our favourite until last. An RS2000, nicely lowered, thoroughly detailed, and looking like it’s ready to be slung around some peak district b-roads;

Apologies for the lack of detail here, our Ford knowledge isn’t quite what it should be and there was little time to chat. Did we snap your car? We’d love to hear from you with details of your fast Ford. Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thanks to Rad Pajor for the photography.

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  1. Bateman1972

    The Sapphire 4×4 rims are Compomotives I believe. All the rage back in the day, along with KLF and their last train to Trancentral. Natch.

  2. Matt Adams

    Hahah 🙂 great little right up. This is actually the meets I run. We are moving locations next month as we have outgrown the Spanker ‘s car park.


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