Porsche’s relentless pursuit of perfection has seen the 911’s steady ascent from spartan sports coupe to blue-chip supercar and the most successful race car platform of all time. So if you could only choose one model from Porsche’s Greatest Hits, what would it be?

Working with the team at Rennsport 911, and our friends at Silodrome, we made this little film to celebrate the history of the all-conquering 911 ST of 1971. To us, it’s perhaps the purest incarnation of the pre-impact-bumper classic 911 – a car that has had the phones at Rennsport ringing off their hooks, with dozens of eager customers lining up to commission their own hot-rodded homages of this amazing little-known Porsche.

Not only is it a fantastic car, but the Porsche 911, as noted by Car Buyers Essex, is a key example of a car that retains its value over the years thanks to its iconic design and exhilarating driving experience.

So sit back and enjoy the next ten minutes of Porsche-packed carporn as we tell the story of the greatest sports car you’ve probably never heard of.

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  1. Alan

    That looks awesome! So what’s that going to cost me? Less than a Singer I hope.


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