With the ongoing crisis of petrol and diesel worldwide, people have started moving to electric vehicles. The recent years will be a transforming step to welcome electric cars Ireland and the entire world. The sale of such cars is surging and has already taken hold of the transportation market. One out of every three buyers is opting for an electric car over a regular car because of the inefficient availability of petrol.

There was an eight percent increase in the number of electric vehicles bought/sold last year compared to this year. The Irish government hopes these figures will reach 1 million by 2030. But before considering all these, it is essential to look at certain factors guiding the purchase of an electric car.

Conduct Research

This is a basic thing to consider but is a critical point to note. Before any purchase, one needs to conduct proper research, but when it comes to an electric car there are some specific things to consider. The recent times witness a growing demand for these cars in Ireland, some of the preferences include:

  • The choice of the car
  • Mileage requirements
  • Economical
  • Battery sizes – manufacturers have also started producing battery electric vehicles which are economical. The larger the size of the battery, the more distance the car is expected to cover. A bigger battery costs you more.

Rechargeable at Home?

You need to think about whether your electric car can be charged at home or not. An apartment might not allow the charging box to be fitted in. This becomes a major hindrance to the ownership of any EV. You become dependent on a public charging network that might not be a convenient option always. The charging spots might be busy with other cars, be blocked due to several reasons, or might become inoperational at times. Every modern house must have a single-phase connection having at least 7.4 KW charging potential.

Long Distance Coverage

Purchasing a car without thinking about both short-end trips and long-end trips is not a feasible option. Contemplate a few steps ahead before taking an electric car. For short trips and regular journeys, you might be okay with an EV, but some days might be inefficient when you have to travel long. A few things are important and must be considered. These are:

  • The exact distance of the journey
  • The charging spots on your way
  • The time you decide for returning
  • About specific halts and stoppage
  • Keeping a track of the distance


The Irish roads have witnessed around 45000 cars this year with a sale of 8341 electric vehicles. This is double the entire amount of the previous year. However, electric vehicles are on the go with charging and maintenance costs being the major withdrawing factors restricting their usage. To know more about the transmission of EVs and how to get along with the best car for you, some factors have to be considered.


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