Oh my word! This little video from Britain’s favourite boutique car builder is an absolute belter … two minutes in and I realized I’d forgotten to breathe! This Youtube short came with the new Aero 8’s press release from the Morgan Motor Company, alongside a gorgeous gallery of gobsmacking snaps having just been unveiled to the expectant crowds at Geneva this morning.

Now you know that we all have a soft spot for Morgan here at MotorPunk HQ, and we were lucky enough to try out the original Aero 8 (the same GPO red southpaw press car that we recreated the Birmingham GP in) a couple of years ago. And while that was a stunning British bruiser – and I can’t quite believe that I’m nitpicking over practicalities here either – there wasn’t any luggage space whatsoever, not even a glove box worth mentioning, no parcel shelf or even space behind the seats to squirrel the odd CD. Interesting then that the opening shot of this video has a well-dress chap stashing an overnight bag in the new Aero 8’s new big boot. Well done Morgan for address this minor gripe … our only gripe in fact.

More importantly however, the new 370bhp Aero 8 will hit 62mph in just 3.5 seconds, in both manual or auto spec, courtesy of a 4.8 BMW V8 powerplant delivering 490Nm of torque. Top speed is irrelevant – who’s gonna see you at 170mph?


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  1. Ned

    First Morgan I’ve actually wanted to own… But that might just be because of the nice video.
    Is this one stiff? Or does it shake like the proverbial shitting dog?


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