These are, so VW say, all different models. They even claim that some are from different manufacturers. It’s hard to say. But if you’re a zen-level geek and can spot the bloody difference then go ahead and impress us. Only the hubcap logos have been obscured. Leave a comment stating what you th…zzzzzzzzzzzz… sorry, I accidentally looked at them. Where was I? Oh yeah. Leave a comment stating what you think the make and model is for each of the generic VW things below and we’ll send a prize in the extremely unlikely event that you’ve fluked the right answers. Wrong answers that make us laugh might also get summat good in the post, but don’t hold us to it, we’ve been drinking heavily all afternoon. Ready? Here we go;

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  1. Lino Emmenegger

    A: Skoda Kodiaq
    B: Cupra Fermentor
    C: VW T-Roc
    D: Seat Ateca
    E: Audi Q3
    F: VW Tiguan

  2. David Chapman

    A is the Skoda Karoq. Named after the pipe the designer was smoking. Different to the Kodiaq as the bit of window is different, I only mention that to reaffirm that they missed out on the greatest bit of marketing ever by not called it the Skodiaq.

    B is the Cupra Ateca which is the same as D (the Seat Ateca) but vajazzled with bits of a Golf R to remind the dad of the house what he should be bought and they do an estate. It’s the answer to a question that literally nobody has asked. Ever.

    C might be a VW T-Roc or it might be a slice of cake. Both appeal to the sort of woman who puts “Full time mummy” on her FB profile, if she was on LinkedIn then it’s be the same but she’s be driving . . .

    E – the Audi Q3. What you buy when you want the world to know you’re devoid of all imagination. It’s the opposite of the Tardis, considerably smaller inside than it appears – the “Retardis” I guess. My mate just got one as a company car, the list price was £47k. If I had £47k to spend on a car I’d be in a random £5k eurobarge and would clear out the local Poundland with the rest.

    F is probably a VW Tiguan. What you buy when your £100 a month short on the monthly’s for a Q5. You’ll tell people it’s a very good level of spec for the money and typical VW build quality. It’s full of frippery that you don’t need and helps you from crashing into a stationary object to make the fullness of your existence come to a beige end.


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