Seven years ago today we witnessed one of the most cynical, devious and unsportsmanlike pieces of F1 maneuvering ever seen at the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix. But this wasn’t a ‘Schuey shoulderbarge’ into the Armco, blatant team orderings or boffins and spannermonkeys bending the rulebook this time. I am of course referring to the time when Fernando Alonso parked his McLaren right in front of his team mate’s car in the pit box for a lingering 10 seconds, just to scupper Hamilton’s chances of getting back on track and nicking pole in the dying minutes of final practice.

Lewis was rightly livid with his team mate. Some claim that, quite justifiably in my view, the Englishman was dropping the ‘F’ bomb over the radio like a Grimsby docker. Ron Dennis was equally fuming, as Alonso’s chicanery meant a stewards inquiry which eventually led to a grid penalty and McLaren losing any potential constructors points.

The Spaniard’s cards were marked. Alonso didn’t last long after that; by the autumn of that year the only reminders that Fernando was ever there was a used Mercedes company car, a novelty donkey and the lingering whiff of paella at the McLaren hi-tech bunker.

Okay, so the H-man may have got in his way a bit on the previous flying lap, but they were racing then; that’s where really champions can be cut throat. Boxing in your team mate in the pitlane however, is just … well, cowardly I think. Rich and I have an ongoing quest to see who is MotorPunk’s No.1 driver, but do I try and scupper his chances once we are mid-challenge? No. That would be ungentlemanly in my opinion. Of course that didn’t stop Rich at our last meeting on track putting on the heated seats to 11 just as I was about to start my final sprint at Snetterton in the GT86. 

Perhaps you agree? Perhaps you, like Rich, are of a more ‘Latin’ disposition and think that “all’s fair in love n’ racing.” Tell us what you think. Leave a comment below.

Anyhow, if you need reminding of Alonso’s dastardly deed:

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