It was great to chat with James from Hagerty U.K. about my latest series of books. As the blurb on the back explains:

SUPER is an eclectic collection of photographs of old, odd, abandoned, derelict and mostly forgotten filling stations and garages. These are accompanied by a light waffle about the slow demise of a once-thriving industry as we slowly move towards a future without petrol engines, without brands such as Burmah, Prince or Rix, without Four star or sets of wine glasses bought with reward points for filling the family Sierra. Some of the 120 sites show a faded beauty, as mother nature reclaims her land, others are ugly beyond words and still strangely photogenic. From pretty, wisteria-clad cottages and pumps with patina, to eyesore, diesel spill grot spots in windswept locations, this book captures a wide range of these locations before the developers move in and build yet another identikit housing estate on it over-populated by cars on tick and folks who will never know the joy of collecting a Smurf from a National garage, of getting a fab lolly from the fridge, or from spotting a rotting Land Rover round the back as your Dad filled up.

More about these four star places, in print, on Amazon:

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Rich Duisberg

Rich Duisberg* has had work published in Classic & Sportscar, Practical Performance Car, Modern Mini, Banzai, MogMag, Evo, GT Porsche, Complete Kit Car, Absolute Lotus, Alternative Cars, Classic Retro Modern, and elsewhere. Rich often appears on CBS’s XCAR and Carfection channels, and Motors TV, plus JayEmm on Cars, enthusing about historic motoring. His latest book (find his work on Amazon) was described by SniffPetrol as "hilarious", although he was also threatened with legal action by elderly DJ Tim Westwood. In his Midlands man cave is a 1972 Fiat 500, a Lotus Elise, a BMW barge and a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike. Previous machines of interest include an Mk1 MX5 (owned for 14 years!), an Alfa GTV6, a Porsche 968 and a Sinclair C5. The Metro (right) was bought for an experiment, and abandoned in Africa. "I am not getting in a car with him" -  said Le Mans winner, Derek Bell. *A nom-de-plume inspired by the BBC's League of Gentlemen.

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