In the crowded marketplace of new motors it takes something particularly special to stand out, and as regular MotorPunk readers will know we usually avoid the majority of new motoring things because (frankly) so little of it excites us anymore. We spend our time on modern classics and automotive adventures so press releases arriving in our ever-full inbox get largely ignored. BMW have a new exhaust for their M4? Nein danke. But something new arrived from Morgan that we couldn’t ignore, called SP1.

special project 14


Morgan’s PR is almost apologetically understated. Reading between the lines we learn that their old hybrid LifeCar that sat in the showroom for some time has been gently recycled into something spectacular. Was anyone really going to buy an electric Morgan? No, although it was an interesting experiment. For new models Morgan need to add excitement and creativity to their established craftmanship. They need some magic. The transformation of the LifeCar prototype to the finished SP1 pictured here is all of that with knobs on.


SP stands for Special Products, a newly created arm of Morgan designed to allow customers to customise their cars to their exact requirements. SP1 is their first creation, designed to showcase the incredible skills their staff have. Panels created on an English wheel, leather designed to distress gracefully with age and a lusty V6 to propel you. The panels and interior are bespoke and look at those wheels! Out goes the afterthought, aftermarket stereo and in comes an iPad in the dash. Why don’t other manufacturers think of this? Morgan’s ability to create their own components gives them this flexibility. As Morgan themselves say, this car isn’t hand assembled, it’s hand made. And the results are magic. I’m going to send them a rendering of my idea for SP2. Pass the felt-tips.

special project 4

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  1. Jörn

    Very, very great car!

    In my next life I can afford the car, hopefully … Next year we come to Scotland. Maybe I can take pictures of the car.


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