And what about A1 Auto Transport, one of the leading USA-based auto shipping companies?

Below we’ll go into what makes a good transportation service and how A1 Auto stands out from the rest.

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What Makes a Good Car Transportation Company? 

Fair pricing

A good transport service operates on honest and fair pricing. It is true that these days, you can be a victim of bait-and-switch pricing when it comes to transportation services. That’s why you must double-check before you sign any documents that the initial quote given is exactly what you’re paying for.

Good insurance

A reputable car transportation company is required by law to have insurance. Always ask your carrier how much insurance they offer. You may be required to purchase additional insurance if your vehicle is worth more than $50,000.

A bad transport service agency does not provide insurance and does not comply with the rules and regulations laid out by the transportation industry. That’s why it’s important to check the DOTs as well as the FMCSA’s websites to double-check if the transport service is licensed lawfully.

Good stuff

An amazing team is what makes a company successful, and the same goes for transportation services. A great transport company is going to have a trained staff, with decades of experience, ready to tackle any objective.

Great Reviews

An easy way to sort through the good and bad transport companies is by checking out their online presence. You’ll be able to get a good idea of how they operate, and which companies to avoid. Check many review aggregators like Facebook, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews.

Easy-to-use website

An easy-to-use interface on the website of your transport company is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Just like in e-commerce, the process of shipping your car must be streamlined from the start. That’s why a great website is a sign that the transportation company you’re working with cares about you, as the customer.

Great customer service

Great customer service in the auto transport industry means 24/7, round-the-clock service. We’ve heard stories of customers not being able to track or speak to anyone during their transport, and this is exactly what a company like A1 Auto attempts to avoid.

Always go with the option that keeps you in the loop, especially when performing a large scale operation like a vehicle transport.

How Does A1 Auto Help Customers?

A1 Auto firstly offers a variety of car transport services, including international, domestic, interstate, and even niche services like boat, yacht, and luxury car shipping. They also can ship anything that remotely resembles a vehicle and even heavier objects like construction equipment.

As A1 Auto Inc. is knowledgeable in car shipping, they understand the logistics behind an operation like car transportation. They work round the clock to make the shipping process as easy as it can be, reducing any effort required on your part.

You’ll also be able to utilize other services offered like full-service moving for your home and storage facilities found around the globe. If you need to ship your vehicle ASAP but won’t be in the destination for a while, storage can help resolve any issues.

A1 also works to bring you great prices by connecting with a variety of different carriers. This gives you, the customer, leverage to negotiate down the prices offered by all of them.

What’s the best part about A1? They understand car shipping, and with 30 years of experience, they’ll be able to help you with just about any transport job you can imagine. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them in regards to any vehicle or home transport job you may have in mind.



In the world of car transportation services, the benchmarks of quality and reliability are defined by attributes such as fair pricing, robust insurance policies, experienced staff, positive reviews, user-friendly website interfaces, and exemplary customer service.

While the market brims with numerous providers vying for a customer’s attention, A1 Auto Transport distinguishes itself on all these fronts. With over three decades in the industry, A1 Auto not only epitomizes what a top-tier auto transport company should be but also sets the gold standard for others to emulate.

Whether you’re looking to move a luxury car, or a boat, or even require full-service home relocation, A1 Auto has a demonstrated track record of delivering unparalleled service. Their vast network of carriers ensures competitive pricing while their round-the-clock customer service guarantees peace of mind.

To anyone in need of reliable and trustworthy transportation solutions, A1 Auto Transport, with its 30 years of rich legacy and expertise, emerges as the quintessential choice.

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