Has there ever been a good song written about a car? Now I don’t mean just cars as a theme – Gary Numan pretty much nailed that back in 1979; and I don’t mean motoring in general such as that dreary Beatles ditty. Nor am I allowing mere references to marques; in that category we might have allowed Chuck Berry’s Jaguar and Thunderbird, Joplin’s Mercedes Benz or even the ironically cool I ride a Peugeot by Racquel. But we are not.

No, the songs in my playlist are about a specific car whose model is clearly identified in the lyrics and/or song title. I’ve had a quick trawl through Spotify and we are now delighted to give you MotorPunk’s top ten car specific tunes for Summer 2014. Not that we are big fans of Chris Rea but Auberge was written about his Caterham 7 so there’s a thin slice of cool in it … wafer thin and mechanically recovered I admit.

Madness’s I like driving in my car nearly made the cut as it was supposed to be about Sugg’s first Morris Minor. But, as a car geek and pedant, I have disqualified it as it could not have been made “in a factory by the Tyne” which I’m pretty sure does not flow through Oxfordshire where the Moggies were nailed together. I’ve also disallowed Mustang Sally which I’m pretty sure is more about having sex with a girl named Sally than popping to the shops in a Ford.

Feel free to add your own and explain the car connection if it isn’t immediately obvious.

MotorPunk’s Songs about Cars http://open.spotify.com/user/1120210548/playlist/01ZBqsj23Gqwb7MdpXdOQg

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    • Dr.Octane

      Oooh good call, although I am unfamilar with their work. I’ll add it to list if I can.


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