For the last few weeks now I’ve been trying to get a bit of Twitter-based banter going with #MancaveMonday: a blokey celebration of industrial design and quirky upcycling of broken machinery and general junk.

Of course, there are lots of folks out there doing this kind of industrial design stuff, but I’m a particular fan of Paul Fairbank, AKA “The Rag and Bone Man” and the swanky lamps and other man cave knick-knacks that he welds together from his scrap yard trawls around the less salubrious areas of London’s East End. We particularly like the Triumph Spitfire jack and rocker cover table lamp, the massive radial engine chandeliers and the Beetle bonnet club chairs. You can check out the gallery at the bottom for a good gander at his wares.

Man Caves used to be a regular feature of MotorPunk back in the early days – we even had a bash at it ourselves with our office ‘drum brake desk lamps’ – but it’s an area we’ve rather neglected of late. If you’ve got your own favourite designers, art works or have a story to share then please leave a comment. And don’t forget: Monday night is Mancave Nightnight. Join the converstion at#MancaveMonday with MotorPunk on Twitter.


Check out the other cool stuff from the film makers at Make Your Bones here.

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