The popularity of campervans continues to grow, but with so many available, which is the best one for you? Let this guide help you find out.

Your next road trip shouldn’t be filled with rainy tent builds and failed cooking attempts. Make your trip as luxurious as possible by driving a tiny home on wheels. Here are seven of the best campervans on the market.

VW Grand California

With an optional two-tone colour finish similar to the Volkswagen T1 campervan that started it all, the VW Grand California is a dream on wheels — filled with all the gadgets and gizmos you would ever need for a camping break in style. It’s no wonder these campers are regularly seen in van competitions. The price is not cheap, but the features list is one of the best you will find.


With over 60 years of experience crafting sleeping-specific vehicles, Volkswagen has pulled out all the stops with the 680, a four-berth sleeper with a separate wet room with a toilet, shower, and sink. Cooking is made easy with the connectable gas hobs, worktop space, and folding table. All are finished in a pale-coloured interior that adds an extra sense of space.


VW Caddy California

This is the most compact model in the range, but don’t let this deter your judgement. The great-grandchild of the T1 has lots of tricks up its sleeve to ensure that anyone looking for a starting point into the world of motorhome life has a good feeling. Three back seats of this five-seater fold down into a bed that roughly accommodates 6½ft by 3½ft, ensuring that even the taller people in your life have a comfortable night’s sleep. A pull-out gas stove at the rear and a shelter-providing tailgate are perfect for cooking out in the wilderness, especially if you combine your van with a caddy-specific rear tent.

Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Sport

If you’re going to hit the road to indulge in the great outdoors, you should do it in style. This campervan looks closer to the standard people carrier you would find in the local suburbs. Still, the anonymous characteristics are a great way to slip under the radar when wild camping. More of a studio apartment on wheels, luxury is delivered with every outing, from the yacht-style wood flooring to the streamlined kitchen countertops. Sleeping two people, the main double bed is created by folding away the rear seats, while two more people can sleep above in the pop-up roof space.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

Boasting five seats and a four-berth sleeping capability, the Ford Transit has been a staple in the campervan world and this new iteration of a classic. The Nugget comes with more than ever before. The van conversion has been completed by German camper specialists Westfalia, immediately confirming top quality, but the additional Ford manufacturer warranty will keep you sleeping soundly at night.


There is much to like with this campervan, especially since Ford has been able to squeeze a three-room layout into the Nugget. This addition includes a kitchen area and a separate rear seating area, which, when combined with the rear-tilting roof, creates more headroom and wider space. Sleeping up to four people and having the ability to walk from the front to back, paired with the dual side-opening doors, makes for an airy cabin with lots of room to boot — all the attributes you would expect from a modern campervan.


VW California

If you are someone who knows nothing about campervans and the type that would be best for you, there are worse things you can do than heading to your local VW dealer and purchasing a California. Based on the transporter van, the California is well-built, cleverly thought out, and fashionable, as with all VW campervans, whether that’s purpose-built or a conversion.

The Volkswagen California is a mid-size campervan from the California range, smaller than the Grand and bigger than the Caddy. Although it doesn’t have a dedicated wash or toilet space, this camper delivers the perfect blend of everyday useability and comfort.


Unlike other manufacturers, VW has a knack for crafting the perfect in-house campers, and the California is no different. It is sold exclusively with a diesel-powered engine and is available in a choice of two or four-wheel drive. The 4×4 model is the perfect choice for those looking to venture across muddy campsites and festival fields.

Toyota Proace Matino

As with other campervans on this list, the Toyota Proace Matino is the result of an afterthought conversion rather than being factory-built. But while this may be the case, it most definitely should not put you off — this Toyota has been expertly modified by master camper builders Wellhouse Leisure.


One of the more affordable campervans on the current market, the Matino, is priced at a little over £50,000 and comes with a 120PS diesel engine and a six-speed manual gearbox. However, it is recommended that you splash out a little extra for the 180PS model, which includes an eight-speed automatic transmission.


The standard specification includes a Webasto heater that can be controlled directly from an app on your smartphone, a two-burner hob and sink, front seats that swivel to create a larger living space, a power-creating solar panel, and a 25-litre fridge. If space is necessary, the Matino is also available with a pop-up roof and an optional upper bed and mattress. Four adults could be a little cosy in the Matino, but it’s not entirely out of the question, while kids will surely love sleeping in the top bunk.


Vauxhall Combo

The Combo van by Vauxhall is the perfect little addition for someone looking to test out what Van Life is all about. Smartly styled and comfortable to drive, it provides one of the best ways to experience long road trips. Moreover, this van packs some impressive safety features, like autonomous emergency braking, lane assist, and traffic sign recognition. Each of these fantastic features helps make long journeys simple and stress-free, especially when you consider the lower insurance premiums as a result of autonomous emergency braking.

The absence of seats in the rear could cause problems if you have a little family, but if you want more space for kitchen sinks, folding beds, and camping equipment, this is ideal. The Combo comes with a choice of various fuel-efficient engines, the most popular being the 100hp version, striking a perfect balance between performance and running costs.

Finding the Right Campervan for You

As you can see from the list above, there are many options when it comes to campervans. The smaller caddy style is perfect as an introduction to Vanlife and striking a balance between driving a car and a van, while the larger versions offer more features to keep your camping experience closer to glamping than anything else. When in doubt, we think you can’t go far wrong with a VW, as their wealth of experience and being the originators of the love bus of the 60s make them a great choice.


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