With 2022 ending, F1 fans will be hoping for a more competitive 2023 season. Of course, 2022 was the first season with the big technical changes, so you can expect some of the teams that struggled with the changes to be better prepared for the new season.

If you’ve found yourself to this article and are unsure about what’s gone on before this season, then you may be best placed to watch Netflix’s Drive to Survive series. This is a great jumping-off point for new fans and returning fans. We have compiled everything you need to know for those looking ahead to the 2023 season. Lights out and away we go!

Driver Line-Ups

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of movement across the grid for 2023. Perhaps the saddest news came from McLaren, who announced that Daniel Ricciardo would be leaving the team ahead of the 2023 season. McLaren instead poached Oscar Piastri from Alpine, which prompted Alpine to take legal action to try and seek compensation or keep the young Australian.

There are no changes in the big three teams in Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. This means two-time world champion Max Verstappen will have Sergio Perez alongside him, with Lewis Hamilton keeping fellow Brit George Russell company. Ferrari will be hoping to have corrected many of their issues with the engine for 2023, with Charles Leclerc hoping for better fortune alongside Carlos Sainz.

There are other new additions to the grid as well as some drivers moving around. Lando Norris stays at McLaren once more, with Pierre Gasly joining fellow Frenchman Esteban Ocon at Alpine. Fernando Alonso made room for Pierre, as he joined Lance Stroll at Aston Martin after Sebastian Vettel retired.

Alfa Romeo keep their line ups of Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu ahead of the news of their potential change to Audi in a few years. How Sauber will change over the next few years remains to be seen, with Audi potentially wanting Mick Schumacher as their German driver of choice. With Pierre Gasly leaving the Red Bull family at Alpha Tauri, this allowed them to poach Nyck de Vries, meaning we have two Dutch drivers on the grid for 2023.

Williams is dropping Canadian Nicholas Latifi in favour of American Logan Sargeant. This is, assuming, Logan gets the required Super Licence points from his F2 season. If he does, he will have Alex Albon alongside him. With Haas, it remains to be seen. We already know Kevin Magnussen will be with the team, but the second spot is unknown right now.

Tracks, Old And New

If you’re an F1 fan, you may have heard the news that the 2023 F1 calendar will have a record number of races throughout the year. There will be 24 races, starting in Bahrain on March the 5th, then ending in Abu Dhabi on November the 26th.

One of the most exciting additions to the calendar for next year comes in the form of Las Vegas. This is the one track that Daniel Ricciardo has been asking about for several years, which makes it all the sadder that he won’t be racing here in 2023. While his future is still unknown, you can rest assured that he will be in attendance, he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Las Vegas could be the event of the year, especially as it is currently slated for the end of the year when the championship could be close. It could be all to play for in Vegas, mirroring the casinos of the city. You can get into the spirit of the race in Las Vegas by playing online casino games. This can be done on mobile, allowing you to play various roulette games. To play roulette on your mobile we’d recommend onlinecasinos.co.uk.

There are still the classic tracks around for 2023, too. There were rumours that Spa in Belgium would be dropped, but after some modernisation to the facilities, a deal was struck, and one of the classic tracks remains on the calendar.

Championship Chances

We have seen glimpses of Mercedes having success again towards the end of 2022, when they finally fixed their bouncing issues. With that in mind, they will be hoping for a championship challenge in 2023. You can only think the man leading that charge would be Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon, however. With that said, Red Bull has just been slapped with a wind tunnel reduction penalty, which may impact their engineering quality over the next year or two. It remains to be seen.

With Charles Leclerc and Ferrari, it truly is a mystery. With a competitive car and a good start, they could have all to play for, but we won’t know until it’s lights out in Bahrain. With Aston Martin investing a lot into their factories and overall development alongside a fired-up Fernando Alonso, you just never know. Even with their recent fine from the FIA for breaching Formula One’s financial regulations.

Sprint Races

F1 teams and Formula One’s owner Liberty Media have voted unanimously to increase the amount of F1 sprint races for 2023. Following two years that consisted of three sprint races, we will now have six sprint races across 2023.

We are yet to have confirmation on which 6 tracks will host a sprint race weekend, but considering Brazil is the only place to have a sprint race in 2021 and 2022, it can be a pretty good bet to imagine Brazil will also have one in 2023.

Don’t be surprised if we see Las Vegas have a sprint race. Las Vegas is all about showmanship, so if they can have another little race before the main event, then you can bet that we will see a sprint race in 2023.

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