This fab little film from the BBC was first shown in late 2012 and it is, without question, an absolute peach. This nostalgic tale of the British roadsters’ golden years, is wonderfully told by a eclectic supporting cast of enthusiastic owners, racing veterens and tweed-clad car buffs, and is beautifully spliced with period footage for the Beeb’s archives. Films about classic cars do not come any better than this MotorPunks; so make yourself a steaming brew, stoke up your briars, settle down in your favourite Chesterfield and enjoy.

It kicks of with vintage footage of busy production lines, manned by boiler suited and Brylcreamed chaps, banging out nimble two-seaters like the original MG TA Midget to meet booming post-war demand in the Colonies, stoked-up by the rave reviews of returning GIs who’d been lucky enough to experience British sports cars while stationed here during the war. Indeed, without that massive American market of the 1950s Britain would never have had such a rich legacy of fab little sports cars. This was a hugely overcrowded, but lucrative, market with MG, Austin-Healey, Jaguar and Triumph among a dozen smaller British companies fighting for the thrill-seeking Americans – thank heavens for those crazy cash-happy Yanks!

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