What I like about Britain – apart from its landscape, sense of fair play and its understated style – is how we root for an underdog. And when it comes to MotorSport there’s no greater story than the Monte Carlo rallies of the 1960s and the ‘derring do’ of those plucky Mini Coopers.

Back in the autumn of 2012, Rich and I set off for Monaco with a voucher for a blagged Hertz rental car, a printed map and a bearded cameraman to follow in Paddy Hopkirk’s tyre tracks on some of Europe’s greatest driving roads … though a bit of confusion with the booking ended us with us a convertible auto MINI rather than the latest Cooper S we’d hoped for.

Anyhow, enjoy the video. This was our very first attempt at filming with XCAR so if you do leave a comment below, please be gentle!

Dr. O

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