Have you noticed recently that there are now some fabulous Cobra replicas knocking about? Expensive up-market kits from people like Gardner Douglas are usually lovingly assembled by engineering geeks where panel gaps are micron-perfect and have paint like blown glass. But, sadly, there are still many older, and less fastidiously built, examples smoking around Blighty’s back roads; wobbly deathtraps lashed together by men who rushed AirFix airplane kits as kids; you know what I mean: wonky decals, smeared UHU glue and Battle of Britain pilots painted-up like comedy tuppenny whores. Sloppy types like these should never be allowed to go on and built their own motorcars.

Actually, truth be told, I’m not a big fan of any Cobra kit car. I can’t help feeling a bit aggrieved on behalf of all the chaps who own the genuine articles; how many times must these poor (not poor) fellas have heard some oily oik shout from a Gregg’s doorway “whatsitmadeoutofmateCortinaizzit?” “Hopeyouscreweditupproppermate” or a simple, more generic, “kitcarwankaaa” as I once heard at low-brow car meet in Nottingham.
So for all those genuine AC/Shelby Cobra owners out there, we dedicate this little teatime treat to you. This is the beautifully shot story of Lynn Park, undisputed King of the Cobras.

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