Few words and lots of pictures – that’s the way we’ll serve this up. Why read when you just want to ogle Rad Pajor’s excellent photography? Well, it might help to explain what you’re looking at, and it’s all good stuff. I’ll keep it brief. The 2015 Donington Historic Festival is in it’s 5th year and with twenty races over three days with lots to see on and off track, it has fast become a must-see event for all keen MotorPunks. OK, so it rained a bit, but a bit of damp is almost compulsory at Donington and it simply served to make the action on track even more lively. Firstly, our favourites; ‘90s touring cars.

It was great to see Cleland and Watts back in action. We didn’t snap a flying 850 but all our other favourites were there such as the Primera, A4, 156, Accord and 406, slithering about like the good old days when manufacturers pumped big money into this series to encourage people to buy the more humdrum road-going versions. I was a big fan, back then, and bought an 850r and an Accord off the back of the action at Donington. Let’s look at the historics next;

The Historic Touring Car challenge was thoroughly entertaining with Steve Soper (“Soperman”) back in his iconic Rover SD1. Sadly the car went pop, but not before pulling out quite a lead. Of all the cars in action at Donington, this is the one we’d most like to own. If you’ve got a rot-free SD1 Vitesse, please get in touch! Next, some classics in action;

Plenty of famous names were in action; BTCC ace Andrew Jordan drove his Dad’s Austin A40, a car I think we’ve also seen at the Goodwood Revival. Jackie Oliver, the former Arrows F1 boss and ex-F1 driver, drove a BMW 1800 and Le-Mans ace Andy Wallace wrung the neck of a Mk1 Jaguar for everyone’s entertainment. As a relatively new event, and at a big venue, there seemed to be enough time and space for folks to mingle with motorsport greats like these chaps. There were plenty of other Jags in action too. Even the Stirling Moss Trophy (for pre ‘61 cars) was won by a Jaguar D type 3.8 engine powered Lister Knobbly. The Jaguar Heritage Challenge looked like great fun too, despite the damp. Here are some more of our favorites;

The rest of the weekend was packed with stuff we love such as Alfas, Astons, Minis, Quattros and Cosworths and plenty of other cars from the ‘20s to the ‘90s either in action on track or on display around the circuit. We’re inspired by events like this and hope to see you there next year. Righty-ho, I’ve had nearly 500 words now, let’s just enjoy the pictures shall we?

Words by Rich Duisberg, photography by Rad Pajor.

PS – Did you see our other feature on classic cars at Donington, here?

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  1. Michael Robertson

    That looks fantastic! Gutted I missed it to be honest. Will have to set a diary note for next year. Love Rad’s work by the way – some great shots in there!


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