The MotorPunk typing pool is a busy place; when the girls aren’t sharpening Dr Octane’s pencil they can be relied upon to pass neatly typed memorandums regarding forthcoming events we might like, such as the Stamford and District Round Table Car Show. Such events might whiff of strange handshakes with Lexus driving ex-Policemen but this one was nothing of the sort. On the meadows next to the river Welland in the middle of the lovely market town of Stamford was a huge turnout of sports, classic and otherwise interesting motorcars.

Our favourites were the Gilbern Invader, the (genuine) XJ40 Police Car and the almost surreal Mini camper. There was a locally made Pick, 112 years old, and some new Lamborghinis driven by show-offs. Lots of TVRs provided aural entertainment and if I wasn’t enjoying a beer in the sunshine I would have been able to photograph the Spitfire and Hurricane which flew over. As it is, you’ll have to make do with these pictures. I’m off to the typing pool to ask the girls for a rubber.

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