Stoneleigh is a peculiar venue. A hotch-potch of agricultural buildings, arenas for animals and some draughty barns. I wasn’t overly optimistic about Race Retro, having never been before, but ironically parking my Porker outside some pig pens I wandered past a McLaren M23 in the entrance hall to a find some fascinating motoring stuff. Aside from the usual trade strands and autojumble were a selection of fantastic single seaters for hire offering adventures suitable for our “Motorsport for the poor”.

Other highlights (for me) were a Golden Wonder liveried Rover SD1 and a BA Triumph TR7. Outside was a rally stage, a rather modest affair around the fields and yard of Stoneleigh, but the cars themselves were stunning. Our particular favourites were the Metro 6R4 and Audi Quattro and just look at the Renault 5! Parc fermé had many other cack-splattered classic rally cars and I bitterly regret not having seen them all in action.

Next year we’ll be there for all three days, see you there?

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