Japanese classic car showrooms are interesting places. They’re often full of odd memorabilia, parts, WIP cars and furniture. A bit like a small explosion in Beaulieu. This place, ProAuto, was once the same but then it was abandoned. We don’t know why. These pictures were taken by the blind eyes of the google street view car back in 2012 and show some amazing European classic cars slowly returning to the elements.

Like a lazy EBay seller I have to say there’s “too much to list”‘ but the highlights outside are the decaying red Maserati Merak (or is it a Bora?), a brace of black Lotus Europas, various Minis and what looks like the GRP shell of a Lotus Elan on its side. Inside there’s a super-rare Unipower GT, a Janspeed Mini and some early looking Lotus 7s. The only member of staff I can see is a Michelin Man, gathering dust.

In their yard over the road are more treasures. A BMW Isetta, looking like it has been painted and awaiting a retrim, a hardy Volvo 544 (surely that’ll be the last one standing when the others have long rusted away), an Alpine A110, a 2CV and a Renault 5. Minis are big in Japan, but here are some rare mini-based freaks such as a Mini Midas and a few Mokes too. The Alfa, is that Junior? The blue Bugatti type 25 shaped thing intrigues me, any ideas? The tiny white machine on the corner is a single seat microcar called the Zoe Zipper. Upstairs is even more.


We’d love to see this place ourselves but will have to make do with these pics. Have a virtual wander yourself here and let us know what you’ve spotted. Thanks for reading.

Pic credit; Google.

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