It was us. Brooklands opened its doors at 10am on Sunday 13th for their splendid ‘Reunion’ event, and yet we MotorPunks didn’t get there until after midday. We were the bloody fools. This year marks the 110th anniversary of the opening of the track and the organisers have painstakingly built the results board here, a nod to the horse racing that influenced timing of early races, and we missed the unveiling. The names of Cobb, Howe and Hamilton remind us of the many records set here in the heyday of the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit.


There was a paddock packed with interesting vintage machinery and the modest size of the event meant that it was quite easy to chat to owners/driver/mechanics and learn what makes these old things tick.

Other bloody fools were those who, despite the invitation, hadn’t bothered with vintage attire. Those that had have our admiration, it adds to the period feel of the event. The couple who had converted an antique pram into a kind of wheeled picnic/bar deserve a mention. As for us – you’ll forgive the Authors squiffy tie, this picture was taken post midday G&T in a bus in the museum. The Vickers Vimy replica also caught our eye and the sprawling site had sufficient staff to explain what’s what. I noticed we were kept well clear of any keys – it’s high time we blagged a car for such an event, for the most fun was had by the boys and girls running their car along the finishing straight against the backdrop of the crumbling iconic banking. Vintage bicycles were an unexpected addition, although there was time to refill our glasses between start and finish of their laboured ascent. On the other hand the Morgan Three Wheeler (a car close to our hearts) pinged through the hay bail chicane like a pinball.

The museum buildings here are well worth exploring too. The clapboard sheds look Hopperesque to me, although from the balcony of the 1907 built clubhouse, post plonk, with the warm exhaust fug from Robin Beechs Rolls-Royce engined Handlye special wafting over us I was so content I would have seen architectural beauty in a Portakabin.

Brooklands (“The right crowd and no crowding”) has a lovely atmosphere and we only hope that the event grows to include perhaps some trade stalls so the Countess may expand her vintage wardrobe, and a bit more action on ‘track’, for this is surely how every Sunday should be spent.

Our favourite of the day? Car number 10 in Class F, (pictured above). A Singer type 10/26 driven enthusiastically by Martin Bell. Its name? “Bloody fool”!

For more information on Brooklands – see here


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