I think I’ve made a ‘schoolboy error’ committing to this compilation of motoring footwear for this month’s Kitbag. The more I delve into the confusing world of fashion and start Googling for what passes as ‘driving shoes’ the less comfortable I feel. At one end of the spectrum we have the triple-layer Nomex super-boots as sported by Messrs Hamilton and Button; at the other we have the gaudy overpriced Gucci slip-ons that any self-respecting modern gentlemen wouldn’t be seen dead in (which, in this instance, means upside down, in a hedge … on fire). What I’ve tried to do in this month’s kitbag is find that middle ground: driving shoes that’ll help the more skilful wheelmen dabble in the dark arts of heel ‘n toe, and yet won’t look ridiculous in the BRDC clubhouse with a post-race gin ‘n tonic.

Nicolas Hunziker Driving Shoes

This quirky line of driving shoes follows Hunziker’s successful line of t-shirts. He has used five famous racing liveries as his muse and created a pretty stylish design for each. But they don’t just look good; they feel good too, thanks to the use of real cow leather and suede uppers, plus soft full leather linings with removable insoles.
The tyre tread sole gives good peddle grip and a rolled heel offers support where long haul commuters need it most. An outside abrasion panel also helps with heel-toe shifting … apparently. Added bonuses include a stylish gift box that features different Hunziker paintings, a flannel shoe bag for travelling, an extra set of insoles and contrasting coloured laces.

Nicolas Hunziker driving shoes are available in men’s sizes 8 –13 (sorry ladies) and you can choose from Le Mans Blue, Scuderia Red, Jim Clark Green, McQueen Gulf Blue & Orange or Stirling Moss Blue.

Priced from £99.95
From: www.flat-six.co.uk

Puma Vedano

We’ve long been a fan of Puma’s Speed Cat range. We love the snug fit and rolled heel support; those bad boys have been a godsend with the tight pedal boxes of the Morgan 3 wheeler and Caterhams we’ve driven recently. However, they aren’t the smartest daisy roots. Thankfully, the Puma Vedano now sits at the posher end of Puma’s ‘motorsport lifestyle’ range and is marketed as the perfect all rounder – the ‘hot-hatch’ of footwear, if you will.
Available in black or brown the Vedano uses a blend of leather and suede on the upper, stuck to Puma’s patented non-slip rubber sole.


Priced £82.00
From www.shop.puma.co.uk

Michelin MXV4

After making tyres for more than 110 years, we guess the folks over at Michelin got bored one day and started looking at what else was made of rubber. We can only imagine what products might have been considered, but as fun as Michelin-branded prophylactics and marital aids might have been, more sensible heads prevailed.
In homage to their latest MXV4 high performance touring tyre comes this MXV4-inspired footwear with identical tread pattern soles. They come in a pleasing palette of earthy browns and don’t look too shabby, in our humble opinion. An interesting sartorial talking point with your motorist chums, excellent wet weather handling and V speed rated to 149mph. What more could you want?



Priced around $100.00
From www.michelin.com

Aston Martin & John Lobb – The Winner Sport

Launched at the Aston Martin W-One Store in London’s Park Lane in March last year, these stylish (what I like to call) ‘racing-brogues’ are for well-heeled MotorPunks looking for something a little different. Endorsed by 007’s favourite car maker the associated press release was classic ‘lifestyle’ BS:
“Two of the finest British names join forces for a unique project: Winner Sport – the ultimate lightweight driver’s shoe. This sleek aerodynamic shoe, with its finely-tuned detailing, speaks to the world of the automobile yet sits comfortably within the John Lobb collection. Winner Sport embodies the style, craftsmanship and quality for which both brands are celebrated the world over.”

Marketing guff aside, I quite like these … but I can’t afford them!

Priced £595.00
From www.johnlobb.com

Pikolinos Fuencarral Driving Shoe

Now here’s something you may not have seen before. These beauts, in baseball glove stitched brown leather, are from Spain and are, according to an old Mallorcan friend of mine, the footwear of choice amongst Iberia’s more fashion conscious petrolheads and are a personal favourite of Fernando Alonso, no less … according to my mate anyway. They remind me of the baseball leather seats found in the old Audi TT; and while they may be a bit more golf club than Club Corner, I think I’d plump for these over anything else on show here.


Priced £84.99
From www.sarenza.co.uk

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  1. Ned

    OMP Nurburgring.
    I saw a lot of Benjafields boys wearing them recently, so I felt I had to get some too.


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