And so, October, and rain. A big thanks to Jony Ellis for the photographs, there’s more on his Facebook page, and needless to say we’d recommend him for any professional photography you might need. His pics of our last sprint (somehow) ended up in GT Porsche last month. Our event has also been in Retro Ford and Practical Performance Car Magazine recently too. Nice to see people enjoying reading about our events. Anway – no shots of photographer Jony’s TVR on track this month, that means either no-one took a pic of it, or he wasn’t daft enough to risk it in the rain. Due to the weather we had a massive variance in times, from as quick as a Porsche to as slow as a mower, for these (amongst others) were competing this month. Here, have a gallery of action;

We saw the return of the loony Imp, another regular Mini, that fab (and sideways BMW E30) and Ben in his Fiesta again. He also brought his racing lawn-mower as a shake-down ahead of an end of season race with it. We approve, although we’ve no idea what class this qualifies for. Quite mad, that chap. What colour is the 911, by the way? Stuttgart sunset? Dresden nightfire? It has MotorPunk’s resident Pork-geek stumped.

Thanks to everyone who attended, see you in November!

Words: Duisberg. Pics: Ellis.

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