Looking for roadtrip inspiration? A last minute escape to the prettier end of Europe? MotorPunk throws down a (driving) glove. This is the ‘Contimental breakfast’ challenge! Buy at least five fresh ingredients for your breakfast, in the country they were made, and serve them up on the same morning you bought them. For example; We’d go to Spain for the ham, Andorra for milk (and put your foot down or it’ll be yoghurt by the time it reaches the table), fresh croissants from France, Monaco for coffee and Italy for deliciously stinky cheese. Purchases should be evidenced with photos and receipts and cheating is heartily encouraged. Your shopping trip should not start before sunrise and breakfast should be served before Midday the same day. The route, ingredients and interpretation of foreign speed limits are all up to you.

contimental breakfast

We’d serve it up at the beautiful Villa Ca Milla in Soldano, just outside San Remo, owned by friends of us ‘punks.  It’s a luxury villa with pool and sufficient parking to allow your steed to cool whilst serving up. Book the villa online here. Our route (here and above) is a bit squiffy and banks on MIA Gendarmes and dozing Carabinieri for an uninterrupted run, but we think it’s definitely do-able. Don’t you? If you’re daft enough to attempt a Contimental breakfast, send us your pics!

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