Well, let’s get this out of the way with; If you’re expecting a rally featuring sideways Escorts, Imprezas and forest stages then you might be forgiven for wondering what this little feature is all about. In this instance, rally means a get together, not slithering about in the mud. No-one here would want to get their chrome mucky. This is about show, not go and this rally was packed with classic Lambrettas and modified scooters. Lured in by the happy sound of ska and the promise of cold beer, I went to take a quick look.

How did I happen upon “The Right Direction 5”? It was signposted off the Fosseway in Syston, Leicestershire, at the gates hangs well pub where the landlord is a bit of a petrolhead. Scooter clubs from all over the UK had convened for some show and shine, beer, music and fun. Fred Perrys, Parkas and Doc Martens was the order of the day and everyone was very welcoming despite my obvious lack of knowledge of scooters. Duchess the dog (pictured trying to neck her owner’s pint) knows more about Innocenti than me. After a few pints all I learned is that I want a scooter; Plenty of chrome, proud roundels and a Quadrophenia-era Leslie Ash on the back, please.

Is your scooter pictures here? Drop us a line and let us know what we’re looking at ! MotorPunk hasn’t done enough with two-wheeled stuff and we hope that these few pictures make amends. We’ll see you at “The Right Way 6” next year, but on two wheels … I think Dr O has an old Bantam at the back of his shed. I’ll pass on Leslie Ash, though, her face has had a modification too many. Lip up, fatty!

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